Studio Test Scene (daylight)

Our latest test scene is designed to simulate both daylight and low-light shooting. Pressing the 'lighting' buttons at the top of the widget allows you to switch between the two. The daylight scene is shot with manually set white balance, but the camera is left in its Auto setting for the low-light tests.

Note: this page features our new interactive studio scene. Click here for instructions on the widget.

With 24MP, the D610 is a high resolution camera and our studio scene reflects this when comparing it to other full-frame cameras. Comparing the Raw conversions ISO 6400 shows the D610 slightly ahead of the 20MP Canon EOS 6D in terms of resolution, and on par with the 24MP Sony Alpha 7. As expected Nikon's 36MP D800 performs better than all three when looking at Raw files.

At ISO 100, the D610's JPEGs shows a slight trace of false color, compared to the Canon 6D and Sony Alpha 7, suggesting it has quite a weak anti-aliasing filter. It's also interesting to see that while it looks like the Alpha 7 is capturing more detail than the D610 in the arm of the man holding the binoculars, when comparing it the our benchmark Phase One, the Sony is actually displaying some false detail where horizontal lines (demonstrated in the Phase One's rendering) are rendering vertically. At higher ISOs, the D610's JPEGs hold more fine detail and control noise reduction smearing better than its peers. As you can see in the green areas, there is noticeably less noise reduction smoothing than we see with the 6D and Alpha 7.

In terms of moiré, the D610 controls patterning better than the 6D and Alpha 7. Switching to Raw continues the story, the D610 has less false detail than the 6D and the Alpha 7.