Menus cont.

Setup menu

In the Setup menu you'll find options for configuring the camera's basic settings such as date/time and language. This is also where you will format SD and CF cards, set HDMI output settings and define attributes of non-CPU lenses - older manual focus designs with no electronic communication to the camera.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
Format memory card  • Slot 1
 • Slot 2
Save user settings  • Save user settings
Save to U1
Save to U2
Reset user settings  • Reset user settings
Reset U1
Reset U2
Monitor brightness  • Auto
 • Manual
+/- 5 steps
Clean image sensor  • Clean now
 • Clean startup/shutdown
Clean at startup
Clean at shutdown
Clean at startup & shutdown
Cleaning off
Lock mirror up for cleaning  • Start  
Image Dust Off ref photo  • Start
 • Clean sensor and start
Capture a ' reference image' for the 'Dust Off' feature of Capture NX2.
HDMI  • Output resolution
 • Device control
Page two
Flicker reduction  • Auto
 • 50 Hz
 • 60 Hz
Time zone and date  • Time zone
 • Date and time
Date set
Time set
 • Date format
 • Daylight saving time
Language  • Czech
 • Danish
 • German
 • English
 • Spanish
 • French
 • Indonesian
 • Italian
 • Dutch
 • Norwegian
 • Polish
 • Portuguese
 • Russian
 • Romanian
 • Finnish
 • Swedish
 • Turkish
 • Ukrainian
 • Arabic
 • Chinese Traditional
 • Chinese Simplified
 • Japanese
 • Korean
 • Thai
Image comment  • Done
 • Input comment
Text entry
 • Attach comment
When enabled the comment is written into the header of each image.
Auto image rotation  • On
 • Off
Battery Info  • Charge
 • No. of shots
 • Calibration
 • Battery age
Information display only.
Copyright Information  • Done
 • Artist
Text entry
 • Copyright
Text entry
 • Attach copyright information
Information is stored as metadata.
Save/load settings  • Save settings
 • Load settings
Page three
GPS  • Auto meter off
 • Position
 • Use GPS to set camera clock
Virtual horizon  • (Display)  
Non-CPU lens data  • Done
 • Lens number (1 - 9)
 • Focal length (6 - 4000)
 • Max aperture (F1.2 - F22)
For older manual focus lenses that do not provide electronic communication to the camera.
AF fine tune  • AF fine tune (On/Off)
 • Saved value (+/- 20)
 • Default (+/- 20)
 • List saved values
Firmware Version  • Version No.
A x.00
B x.00
Information display only.

Retouch menu

The Retouch menu offers a collection of editing presets for post-capture processing of your images. NEF files can be selected for more extensive processing in which you can adjust the camera's currently configured image size, quality and color settings.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Page one
D-Lighting  • Select image
Red-eye correction  • Select image  
Trim  • Select image
Zoom / Scroll
Monochrome  • Black-and-white  
Select image
 • Sepia
Select image
 • Cyanotype
Select image
Filter effects  • Skylight 
Select image
 • Warm filter
Select image
 • Red intensifier 
Select image
 • Green intensifier 
Select image
 • Blue intensifier 
Select image
 • Cross screen
Select image
 • Soft 
Select image
Color balance  • Select image
Color wheel
Image overlay  • Image 1
 • Image 2
 • Preview
NEF (RAW) processing  • Select image
Image quality
Image size
White balance
Exposure compensation
Picture Control
Color Space
Vignette control
Apply in-camera adjustments to a NEF file to create a re-processed JPEG.
Page two
Resize  • Select image
 • Choose destination
SD card slot
CF card slot
 • Choose size
1920 x 1280; 2.5MB
1280 x 856; 1.1MB
960 x 640; .6MB
640 x 424; .3MB
Quick retouch  • Select image
Straighten  • Select image (+/-20 adj)  
Distortion control  • Auto
Select image
 • Manual
Select image (+/-5 adj)
Fisheye  • Select image (slider adj)  
Color outline  • Select image
Color sketch • Select image
Vividness (+/-1 adj)
Outlines (+/-1 adj)
Perspective control  • Select image (+/-20 adj)  
Page three
Miniature effect  • Select image Define area to remain in focus.
Selective color  • Select image Select/adjust up to 3 colors.
Edit movie • Select image Define start and end points of a clip.

My menu

This is where you can store a customized selection of menu items for quick access. You do so by using the Add items menu to select among a list of available options from each of the other five menu categories. Alternatively, you can swap this tab for one the populates itself with the most recently used menu items.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Add items  • Select image
Playback menu
Shooting menu
Custom setting menu
Setup menu
Retouch menu
Remove items  • Select item to remove  
Rank items  • Select item to re-order  
Choose tab  • My menu
 • Recent settings
Swap menus displayed in the tab.