Movie Mode

The S9300 records Full HD video at 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames/second with stereo sound. You can keeping recording until the file size reaches 4GB, or the time elapsed reaches 29 minutes -- whichever comes first. At either of the two 1080p settings, you'll hit the time limit first. There are two 1080p choices (normal and high quality), and you can also record at 720p, 640 x 480, or 960 x 540 (using Apple's poorly marketed iFrame codec).

The optical zoom lens can be used while you're recording a movie, and the lens moves slowly so the motor noise isn't picked up by the microphone. The optical image stabilization system is active on the S9300, which was not the case on its predecessor. The camera can focus continuously, so your subject will stay sharp as they move around the frame, or if you zoom in or out.

There are no manual controls in movie mode on the Coolpix S9300. The only things you can adjust (besides the resolution) are the AF mode and a wind filter.

The S9300 can also record movies at frame rates other than the standard 30 fps. Choose from 15 fps (at 1080p), 60 fps (at 720p), or 120 fps (at 640 x 480). Movies taken at 15 fps will appear to move twice as quickly when played at normal speed, while the opposite is true when the frame rate is 60 or 120 fps (they'll be 2X or 4X slower).

Except for the special iFrame size, movies are recorded using the H.264 codec.

Sample Video

Here's a sample for you, taken at the highest quality setting:

Download original movie 1920 x 1080, 30 fps, 27.0 MB, QuickTime/H.264 format