Video Mode

The video recording UI is very simple, you can only pause or stop recording. Recording time is displayed in the bottom left.

The Moto X Style records 1080p Full-HD video, 4K footage or 720p slow motion. HDR recording is available in video mode as well. Shooting a video is as simple as hitting the video button on the main camera screen as there are no other controls. Once recording has started you can pause or stop by tapping on the corresponding buttons on the right edge of the screen. Recording time is displayed in the bottom left.

In the settings dial you can choose between Full-HD, 4K and 720p slow motion video but that's about it in terms of video settings. 

Video options are accessible via the pop-out virtual dial. You can record in 1080p, 4K or 720p slow motion mode.

Video sample 1: 1080p video in bright light

The 1080p video below was shot hand-held on a moving bike. Digital image stabilization slightly crops the image but, considering the circumstances, does a very good job at keeping things steady. Exposure and color tend to be very pleasant in bright light video and the footage shows good detail. In high contrast scenes, just like in stills mode, some highlight clipping can occur but activating HDR mode is an effective counter-measure.

Video sample 2: 1080p video in bright light

This is another 1080p clip taken in good light. The Moto X Style's digital image stabilization also works very well when panning and changing direction, almost giving footage a steady-cam look.

Video sample 3: 1080p video in low light

This 1080p video was shot in low light, and handheld. As in bright conditions image stabilization works very well but image noise and the effects of noise reduction are clearly visible, especially when viewing at full size. In low light the camera is also more likely to hunt and refocus than in brighter conditions. Exposure and color are still very good though. 

Video sample 4: 4K video

The Moto X Style's 4K video footage shows the same tonal and color characteristics as the 1080p clips. It captures noticeably more detail although can occasionally look a little soft when viewed at full size. 

Video sample 5: Slow motion video

The slow-motion video mode implementation on the Moto X Style is very similar to previous Motorola devices. The 720p footage shows little detail and some pixilation, suggesting it has been upscaled. Motion is not as smooth as the slow-motion modes on some competing models either. For some reason in slow-motion mode the camera also tends to refocus once or twice at the start of recording.