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Gallery and Image Editor

The new Moto X gallery app is very similar to what we have seen on its predecessor. Images are organized by album (any folder containing photos on the phone), time taken (the timeline view), or you can simply browse the camera roll. Thumbnail size is not adjustable but works well for scrolling through your images quickly and still having a good idea of what they show.

Thumbnail view allows for quick browsing through images.

Once you are in individual image view you can hit the edit button to open up a good range of options. There are several filters and frames to choose from and you can crop and straighten your images. Under the exposure button you will find a pretty comprehensive range of tonal and color adjustments, including shadows, highlights, curves, hue and exposure. There is also a function to add vignetting and a pretty nifty digital graduated filter. Edited images are saved as a new file.

The Motorola standard editing app gives you most of the tools you'll need for normal editing but the Google Play Store offers a plethora of powerful, often free, editing apps, so you might want to install apps like Snapseed or Pixlr to see if they're more suitable for your needs. As usual on Android devices the gallery app allows for easy sharing with social networks, via email and with any app installed on your device that is capable of processing images.

The editor includes a range of filter options.
Frames, cropping and a comprehensive range of tonal corrections are on board as well.