Record mode display (M-REC mode)

Here you can see an example of the live preview image on the LCD just prior to taking a shot, note the wide focus bracket in the center of the frame.

Various settings information is displayed around the edges of the display. Settings in this example: Flash cancel, 2272 x 1704, FINE JPEG, Contrast -1, Exposure compensation +0.7, Cloudy White balance, ISO 64, Programme exposure, Multi-segment metering, Macro focus, Single drive, 46 frames remaining.

Half-pressing the shutter release starts the cameras autofocus, once complete it locks along with metering system (exposure is displayed). In wide-AF mode (as above) the red rectangle indicates one of three positions which the AF system has automatically selected as the focus point (indicated briefly). If the camera can't focus it will show a red dot.

After fully depressing the shutter release a brief review (instant playback) is shown (this can be set to 2, 10 seconds or disabled).


Pressing the QV/Delete button during this instant playback gives you the option to delete the frame, alternatively you can half-press the shutter release to clear the playback display (or wait 2 or 10 seconds).


Pressing and holding the 4-way controller for a second or more switches to AF area selection, here you can choose from one of five areas to be used for auto focus detection. (Note the low battery warning indicator in this shot).

After shooting in continuous drive mode all of the images in the sequence are shown as thumbnails, at this stage you can choose to delete before they are written away or continue shooting.

Pressing the QV button gives a quick review playback of the last image shot, you can browse through images on the CF card by pressing the 4-way controller left or right. This display can be cancelled at any time with a half-press of the shutter release. Once in QV mode pressing the 4-way controller up switches to this detailed exposure information, different to the S304 the S404 now has a histogram display as well as detailed shooting and exposure information.

Aperture priority mode, note the aperture displayed at the bottom of the screen, use the left and right arrows on the 4-way controller to select an aperture (only two apertures are available at any focal length).

Manual exposure mode, here you can set both shutter speed and aperture, same controls as for aperture priority, use the exposure compensation button to switch between shutter speed and aperture.

Full auto exposure mode. Note that in auto exposure mode you still have control over exposuyre compensation, flash, drive and focus mode.

Movie record mode, Minolta appear to have fixed the vertical distortion problem the S304 had with live view in movie record mode.

Play display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. Image display is very rapid, the camera must be using a small thumbnail in the image header. Use the left and right arrows on the 4-way controller to browse through images. Pushing the 4-way controller up displays additional exposure information: Shutter speed, Aperture, White balance, ISO sensitivity, Exposure Compensation, Folder name, Filename.
Pressing the QV/delete button in play mode displays this delete confirmation prompt. Pressing the magnify button magnifies the image in three steps: x2.0, x2.5, x3.5. Once magnified you can pan around the image using the 4-way controller.
Pressing the Display information button twice switches to a thumbnail display which can be configured to either 4 (2x2) or 9 (3x3) images.
A similar thumbnail view is also used to mark images for protection / deletion / print order. Use the 4-way controller to navigate around the thumbnails (left and right arrows) and up and down arrows to select or de-select an image.