Compared to the Canon PowerShot G2

Now we'll compare the DiMAGE S404 to the best of its competition, Canon's PowerShot G2. Both cameras have 4 megapixel sensors (2272 x 1704 output size), the S404 sports a 4x lens, the G2 a 3x lens. Both have similar features and manual controls (although the G2 is slightly more flexible).

As per other samples in this review the S404 image has been converted to the sRGB colour space using the Minolta Image Viewer application [info]. You can download the original unconverted S404 image by clicking on the [original] link below.

Cameras setup:

  • Minolta DiMAGE S404 - M-REC, Aperture Priority, Flash Off, ISO 64, Manual WB
  • Canon PowerShot G2 - Aperture Priority, Flash Off, ISO 50, Manual WB
Minolta DiMAGE S404 Canon PowerShot G2
ISO 64, F3.6, 1/8 sec [original] ISO 50, F3.5, 1/8 sec

The S404 stands up well against the current best of the four megapixel bunch. The G2 does in places manage to pull out slightly more detail and its plain colour areas are slightly cleaner than the S404. The S404 appears to have a good, sharp lens which is more than capable of delivering four megapixels of detail to the sensor. Colour reproduction is also very good, although bear in mind that the S404's image has been run through the Minolta Image Viewer to convert it to sRGB colour space.