Rear of camera controls

On the rear (right) of the camera are several more controls which are positioned to be within reach of your thumb when gripping the camera with your right hand.


Button Description
4-way controller

Record mode: Up / Down - Zoom in and out. Center button - press and hold for more than one second to switch from wide-focus mode to AF area selection, use the controller to select one of five focus positions (two vertical, two horizontal, one center).

Play mode: Press left / right to browse forwards and backwards through images taken, press up for exposure information overlay.

Menus: Navigate through menus, select menu options.


Pressing this button enters or leaves the mode menu in record or play modes.

QV / Quick View / Delete

Record mode: Enter a 'mini-play-mode', displays the last image taken, you can scroll between images by pressing the 4-way controller left and right, you can also display exposure information by pushing the 4-way controller up. Pressing the button again with an image displayed gives you the option to delete it. You can not magnify the image in this mode.

Play mode: Delete current image, requires confirmation (4-way controller left, press 4-way controller in).

LCD Information Overlay

Record mode:
Switch between three levels of overlay information: All status and setting information overlay, None, LCD Monitor Off.

Play mode: Switch between different displays: All status and setting information overlay, No information overlay, Thumbnail view.

Compact Flash compartment open

Pushing this small lever downwards opens the Compact Flash compartment, the door is spring loaded and opens fully on its own.