Record mode display (M-REC mode)

Here you can see an example of the live preview image on the LCD just prior to taking a shot, note the wide focus bracket in the center of the frame.

Various settings information is displayed around the edges of the display. Settings in this example: Manaul record mode, Macro, Flash cancel, 2272 x 1704, FINE JPEG, Exposure compensation +0.3, Programme exposure, Multi-segment metering, Single drive, 57 frames remaining.

Half-pressing the shutter release starts the cameras autofocus, once complete it locks along with metering system (exposure is displayed). In wide-AF mode (as above) the red rectangle indicates one of the five areas the AF system has automatically selected. If Tracking AF is active the AF point will follow the focused subject (see below).

After fully depressing the shutter release a brief review (instant playback) is shown (this can be set to 2, 10 seconds or disabled).

Pressing the QV/Delete button during this instant playback gives you the option to delete the frame, alternatively you can half-press the shutter release to clear the playback display (or wait 2 or 10 seconds).

As mentioned above if Tracking AF is active the AF point will (try to) follow the focused subject around the frame. This seemed to work well with good contrast slow moving subjects.

Aperture priority mode, note the aperture displayed at the bottom of the screen, use the left and right arrows on the 4-way controller to select an aperture (seven available at wide angle and four at telephoto).

Shutter priority mode, select the shutter speed and the camera will select the aperture to produce a correct exposure.


After shooting in continuous drive mode all of the images in the sequence are shown as thumbnails, at this stage you can choose to delete before they are written away or continue shooting.


Play display

Switching to play mode (or QV mode) immediately displays the last image taken. Image display is very rapid, the camera must be using a small thumbnail in the image header. Use the left and right arrows on the 4-way controller to browse through images. Pressing the flash / i+ button displays a histogram along with additional exposure information: Shutter speed, Aperture, White balance, ISO sensitivity, Exposure Compensation, Folder name, Filename. You can still browse images in this mode.
Pressing the QV/delete button in play mode displays this delete confirmation prompt. Pressing the zoom controller towards tele magnifies the image in x0.5 steps up to a maximum of x5.0. Once magnified you can pan around the image using the 4-way controller.
Press the display button to switch to a 3x2 thumbnail view mode, use the 4-way controller to navigate through images. All other functions are still available from thumbnail view mode, including image delete. Note that the thumbnail view is also used when marking images for deletion or locking.