Image adjustments

Just like the DiMAGE 7 the 7i allows you to control various aspects of its internal image processing algorithms. These are a set of variables which control the way the image is turned into its final form from the CCD data. The 7i adds a new 'filter' option which allows you to adjust the warmth of the image (a bit like a traditional screw-on colour filter would) additionally the Color Mode selection has also been expanded.

Kudos to Minolta for providing the user with such a wide range of control over the camera's internal processing algorithms. It allows you to configure the camera so that the final image matches your own personal taste without the need for post-processing.

Color mode

Color mode controls the way that the camera interprets colour information, the new options here are Vivid and Solarization. The 'Vivid color' mode could be likened to the typical output of Sony digital cameras.

Vivid color Neutral color Black & White


The new Filter option allows you to change the warmth of the final image, it could be likened to adjusting the white balance in slight steps and could be useful for tine tuning the preset white balance settings to match artificial light. I personally would have preferred this option to literally control white balance and be implemented as 'white balance fine tuning'. Note, with Color Mode (above) set to Black & White the Filter option provides different coloured B&W images.

Filter: -3 Filter: -2 Filter: -1
Filter: 0 Filter: +1 Filter: +2
Filter: +3    

Colour saturation

This option controls the level of color in the image with a range of -3 (less) to +3 (more).

Color saturation: -2 Color saturation: 0 Color saturation: +2


This option sets the amount of contrast in the final image, it adjusts the 'S-curve' which is applied to all images in the final output stage. A setting of low contrast will leave images looking more flat but will be less likely to clip highlights.

Contrast: -2 Contrast: 0 Contrast: +2


The DiMAGE 7i allows you to control the internal sharpening of the image by a degree of one plus and minus it's "normal" sharpness.

Sharpness: Hard
Sharpness: Normal
Sharpness: Soft