Setup menu

Switching to SETUP on the top mode dial displays this camera setup menu.

The menu is split across three pages which can be accessed by pressing the left or right arrow on the 4-way controller, press down to enter the menu proper.

Setup menu: Basic

LCD Brightness

Set the brightness of the LCD monitor, this is done with a live view showing through the back of the menu (lens cap was attached in this shot).

EVF Brightness

Set the brightness of the EVF, the display will switch to the EVF upon selecting this option. This is done with a live view showing through the back of the menu.


Format the Compact Flash card. This erases all data and produces a 'clean' unused filesystem. Format will delete even protected (locked) images.

Digital camera 'Format' is similar to a computer 'Quick Format' (write blank filesystem / FAT table).

Power save

Set the amount of time before the camera 'goes to sleep':

1 minute
3 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes


Set the volume of the cameras menu and confirmation beep':

High tone
Low tone


Choose language used in menus and on-screen alerts:


Setup menu: Custom1

File # memory

Controls the way the camera numbers image files, when set to No the camera will revert to zero each time a CF card is formatted or a blank CF card is inserted. Set to Yes the camera will not reset the filename counter and will use a continuous running number. The D7 names image files PICTxxxx.yyy where xxxx is the number.


The select folder / new folder options allow you to select to which folder your images are saved or create a new folder.

Setup menu: Custom2

Reset default

The reset default option resets the camera back to its factory defaults. All settings and user memories will be lost.

EVF Auto Switch

Controls what the eyepiece sensor controls (display mode switch must be in the A position):

Auto EVF/LCD - by default the LCD monitor is active, when eye is in proximity to the EVF it switches display to it
EVF auto on - no displays are active, EVF switches on when eye is in proximity to it

Date/Time set / format

These options allow you to set the cameras internal clock and set the format used for display of the date on the LCD monitor as well as for data imprint. Remember that the date is recorded in the EXIF header of image files (JPEG, TIFF and RAW) and can be retrieved later.

Video output

Set the video standard used for display on a TV / VCR (via the video out port):