Play menu

Pressing the MENU button while in play mode displays the play menu over the review image. In the captures below a black frame was used for clarity.

The menu is split across three pages which can be accessed by pressing the left or right arrow on the 4-way controller, press down to enter the menu proper. Again, as with the record menu it's a shame the last two menus don't have a more helpful description other than 'Custom'.

Play menu: Basic


The delete option allows you to delete a single frame (same as pressing the QV/delete button), all frames or selected (marked) frames. Choosing the latter option displays the thumbnail view shown on the right, cursor left and right through the images, press up to select, down to deselect an image for deletion.


The lock option (known as protect on other digital cameras) simply sets the read-only flag against an image file to protect it from accidental deletion. This does not protect the file from a CF format. You can lock a single frame, all frames, marked frames (thumbnail view on the right) or unlock all locked frames.

Index format

Select number of frames shown in a thumbnail (index) view:

9 frames - a 3 x 3 grid
4 frames - a 2 x 2 grid

Play menu: Custom1

Slide show

The whole of the Custom1 menu is related to slide show playback. You can choose to play back all frames or just marked frames (again, this will switch to a thumbnail selection mode, as above), choose a per frame duration of 1 to 60 seconds and whether or not to repeat the slide show.

Play menu: Custom2

DPOF Printing

The print / index print / cancel print options are all related to the creation of a DPOF compatible print file, this file (which is written to the CF card) indicates to a compatible printer which images you want printing, how many copies of each frame and whether or not you want a index (thumbnail) print.


This, as far as I can remember, is the first time I've seen this feature in a digital camera with Compact Flash storage. The camera can copy up to 10 MB of data at a time (approx. four 2560 x 1920, FINE JPEG images) at will create a new 1xxMLTCP directory for each batch copied.