Samples Galleries

I like this camera, and you only get to appreciate it when you take it out and use it, I liked to so much in fact that there are TWO samples galleries, one of which I published a week ago (Thaipusam '99). Most images shown have been through the "Digital Darkroom" and then sampled down to 50% size (to fit in your browser). Read the section below on Digital Darkroom to understand why I process images before putting them in a gallery.

In total there are nearly 90 sample images all with originals available (a link below the main image). All images were taken in full resolution in FINE mode.

The Galleries

"Digital Darkroom", why?

I'm a firm believer that no matter HOW good the camera is it will never see the subject the way your eye does, there is always some darkroom work to be done. In the case of digital photography this is much easier to achieve with excellent packages such as Photoshop you can easily balance the levels in a photograph and apply an unsharpen mask to slightly out-of-focus images. Some people don't agree with this, and that is why I also provide the original images linked from below the larger image.

Below you can see two examples of what I mean by Digital Darkroom and how it can enhance (and correct) an image.

"Digital Dakroom" result shown on the right, this image was not underexposed as much as taken in very bad light conditions (it was about to rain!) however, a quick level adjustment in Photoshop brought the brightness back to the white paint of the church and corrected for the lighting.

Again, this macro shot was taken in poor light and was corrected by doinga 'level adjustment' in Photoshop, a light (40%) unsharpen mask was also applied to correct for being slightly out of focus.