Timing and File Sizes

Minolta thought about the design of this camera and it shows, with a large internal buffer most operations are very quick, you can catch the camera out at times but mostly it's responsive and without lag. (Come on other manufacturers, follow Minolta's lead!)

As I couldn't time "how long it takes to store an image at x resolution" you can take up to eight images in sequence (that is immediately one after another) with a short 3 second cycle time between each image before the camera has to flush it's memory buffer out to the CF card (which can take up to 10 seconds).

Timing Criteria

Avg. time
OFF to Record (Digita boot-up) 8s
Pre-focus 1 -1.4s
Shutter lag 0.2s - 0.4s
Lag without pre-focus 1.2s - 1.4s
OFF to Playback / Review mode (image shown) 8s
Playback image +/- 1s
Playback image 'zoomable' (time after image is displayed) 7s
Switch between record / play / review modes <1s

Because of the internal buffer the camera may still write out to the CF card (as indicated by the ON light still being lit and a blinking BUSY light) even when switched "OFF", depending on the size and number of images to be stored this can take anything up to 1 minute. That means, don't open the card/battery case for up to a minute after switching the camera off (at least until the ON light has gone off).

File sizes for different image formats are shown in the table below

Image type

File size No. on 4Mb CF
Full (1344 x 1008) S.FINE JPEG * 1.2 - 1.6Mb 3
Full (1344 x 1008) FINE JPEG 300 - 500Kb 8
Full (1344 x 1008) STD. JPEG 150 - 200Kb 20
Full (1344 x 1008) ECON. JPEG 80 - 100Kb 40
1/4 (640 x 480) S.FINE JPEG * 300 - 400Kb 8
1/4 (640 x 480) FINE JPEG 110 - 170Kb 28
1/4 (640 x 480) STD. JPEG 55 - 85Kb 60
1/4 (640 x 480) ECON. JPEG 40 - 50Kb 80
Full (1344 x 1008) S.FINE B/W JPEG ** 700 - 900Kb 4

* In Super Fine mode the Minolta uses JPEG at 0% compression which is virtually loss-less.

** The EX1500 is also unique in having a "real" black and whitemode which stores in JPEG b/w.