Play and Review mode controls

Unlike other digicams the EX1500 has separated the play and thumbnails mode into PLAY and REV, detailed below.

Play mode

Displays the image almost instantly, if you look closely (no, closer than that) you can see the camera is loading the full image over the top of the thumbnail it has loaded first, once this is complete (about 7 seconds @ FINE) you can Zoom into the image. Zoom mode on the EX1500 allows you to scroll around the image using the four way controller.

The "menu" in Play mode lets you start a Slide Show or set the Playback Rate.

Play menu

Sub menu (press Edit)
Slide Show

Content (All / Category)
Duration (1-10 seconds)
Loop (On / Off)

Start / Cancel / Done

Playback Rate

Timelapse (1-10 seconds)
Burst (1-10 seconds)
Group (1-10 seconds)

Default / Exit

Erase Single (+ / - / set)
Setup (setup menu see below)
Print Mark Mark

Review (REV) mode

Review mode can only be accessed by holding down the small green safety latch on the mode slider and sliding the slider up to REV.

Review mode displays a series of thumbnails horizontally with a slightly blown up version of the image directly below along with image information, options are Mark (mark for deletion or some other action) or Category (place image into a predefined or custom category) for each image.

The "menu" in Review mode has various actions.

Review menu

Sub menu

Delete (Selected / Marked)
Group - Create
Protect / Unprotect (Selected / Marked)



Find By Date
By Category
Preferences Video Mode (NTSC / PAL)

Record Controls

In record mode the controls are as follows:


Macro Toggle macro mode
Display Toggle LCD on/off
First LCD Still / Burst / Timelaps
Second LCD Flash modes: Auto / Forced on / Flash off / Auto red-eye / Forced on & red-eye
Third LCD Hint modes: Auto / Portrait / Sunset / Landscape / Night / Slow Sync
W Normal: Zoom wider (down to 38mm)
Macro: Focus further

Normal: Zoom tele (up to 105mm)
Macro: Focus closer

Up Exposure correction: +1/3 EV (to +2EV)
Down Exposure correction: -1/3 EV (to -2EV)
Status Display camera status (total pics, quality, white balance mode, image size, o/s version)
Overlay Toggle LCD information overlay on/off

In addition to these controls there is of course the menu, menu in record mode:

Record menu

Sub menu (press Edit) Sub-sub menu
Media Settings Still / Burst / Timelapse Image Size (Full / 1/4)
Quality (Econ/Std/Fine/S.Fine)
Color (Full / B&W)
Still Self Timer (On / Off)
Burst Burst Rate (Slow / Medium / Fast)

# Images (2-200)
Interval (Seconds / Minutes)
(60-327667 secs / 1-546 mins)

Photo Script White Balance Auto / Daylight / Fluorescent / Tungsten
Bracket Off / Half Stop / Full Stop
Preferences Capture File Type (EXIF)
Instant Review (On / Off)
System Sounds (On / Off)
Date and Time Format: dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yy, yy/mm/dd (12 or 24 hours)
Set the date and time
Counter Reset Reset When Empty / Capture Counter
Camera Name Set the camera name
Format Card Format: Start / Exit