In 38MP mode, the Lumia captures a great deal of detail and, to an extent, this shows the 1020 in a critical light — any of the imperfections that are common in smartphone cameras are enlarged and clear to see.

The resolution falls well short of what a 38MP camera should (theoretically) be capable of, but that still puts it a long way ahead of any of the other phones shown here. The lens is pretty good toward the center but its softness and chromatic aberrations are highlighted by looking at them in such fine detail. Color is pretty good, with the highly-saturated look that we're used to in smartphones. The white balance is a little on the cool (blue) side of accurate, which may be a touch off-putting if it's replicated in real-world images.

What's undeniable, though, is that the Nokia is capturing lots of detail, giving keen photographers plenty of options if they wish to re-process the full-resolution files. On the next page we'll see what that means for the 1020's "over-sampled" 5MP output.