Video Mode

When recording video in auto mode you can pause, switch lenses and activate the video light.

Video mode on the G6 has improved a lot compared to the G5 and now comes with an abundance of manual control in manual video mode, similar to LG's video-centric devices V10 and V20. In addition to the resolution you can set frame rates, shutter speed and ISO manually. You also get very precise control over audio recording levels and a graphical audio monitor. That's more video control than virtually any other smartphone currently on the market can offer.

Manual video mode offers more control over video recording than virtually any other current smartphone.

If this all sounds too complicated, you can always just shoot in auto mode. Here you can start, stop and pause recording, activate the video light and of course switch between camera lenses. You can also zoom seamlessly but it's pretty much impossible to do so without introducing shake to your footage, and there is a very noticeable jump at the lens switch. Nonetheless, the G6 is a cut above the competition when it comes to control over video recording.

More recording parameters are available in the video settings menu.

Video sample 1: 1080p video in bright light

This video was recorded with the G6 standard camera in bright light. The footage shows good exposure, color and detail and the stabilization works very efficiently, allowing for smooth panning and a generally stable image. Sound recording quality is very good as well.

Video sample 2: 18:9 video

The G6 also offers the unusual 18:9 aspect ratio in video mode to match the format of its display. It's only available in FHD resolution and the output size is 2160 x 1080 pixels.

Video sample 3: 1080p super-wide-angle video

Of course you can also shoot video with the super-wide-angle camera and use all the same resolution and frame rate options as on the standard camera. Again, the image is very stable when shooting hand-held and the angle of view is handy when recording in confined spaces.

Video sample 4: 1080p video in low light

In low light the G6 footage becomes visibly softer but exposure is still good and stabilization keeps things very steady when shooting hand-held. The AF is very stable as well.

Video sample 5: 4K video

As you would expect, shooting in 4K UHD mode offers a real boost in terms of image detail and resolution when compared to the Full-HD footage.

Video sample 6: Slow motion video

In the editor you can assign playback speeds to specific portions of the slow-motion video.

Like on the predecessors, the G6's slow-motion video function records 720p footage at 120 frames per second. You can't pick a slow motion factor during recording but instead select a playback speed in the gallery app where you can slow the video down to 1/8th of its original speed. When you tap on the editor icon you can apply slow motion to the entire video or parts of it and save it.

Recent Videos

As you can see in the sample below, levels of detail in the slow motion footage are pretty low and the slowest 1/8th speed is not as smooth as on the iPhone or other devices that record 240fps slow motion video. Speed transitions in the saved video are also very abrupt. It's nice to have a slow-motion function on board but the G6 version is not quite on the same level as slow-motion on some of its biggest competitors.