Camera operation

The layout and structure of the G6 camera app is similar to the G5's but there have been some changes as well. Two icons at the top-center of the screen allow you to switch between the standard and wide-angle lenses. When using the pinch-gesture you can also zoom in the usual way – the camera will then switch between lenses automatically and on the new model this switch is now much less noticeable and smoother than on the G5.

An icon column on the left edge gives you direct access to flash settings, front camera switch, filter options, the mode screen and the settings menu. You can also choose from four interface options: Auto mode, manual, which offers manual shutter speeds up to 30 seconds, manual video and square camera, which makes use of the display's unusual 18:9 format.

In auto mode you set the focus and exposure target by tapping anywhere on the preview image and capture the image by hitting the virtual shutter button. Once the target has been set on the right an exposure compensation slider appears for further fine-tuning. A video button right above the shutter allows for video recording directly form the main screen.

The LG's manual mode is one of the most comprehensive and versatile we have seen on a smartphone. You get an AF-point display showing the currently active focus points, a virtual horizon, a mini RGB-live-histogram and manual control over most essential shooting parameters via virtual pop-up sliders plus an exposure lock button.

The app lets you set shutter speeds as slow as 30 sec, allowing for proper long exposures. The G6 is also one of very few smartphones that offers manual shutter speeds in video mode. Along with the ability to change bit rates and a large selection of formats and frame rates, this makes the G6 a very appealing option for mobile videographers.

The settings menu changes with the mode you are in but here you can set image and video resolutions and switch on the framing grid. In auto mode you can control how HDR works and in manual mode it lets you activate DNG Raw capture which saves a Raw file in addition to JPEG.

Overall the G6 camera app offers an impressive array of features and parameters, making it suitable for snapshooters but also advanced users who want as much control as possible over the photo and video capturing process. It's also better structured and easier to use than the G5 app which could at times feel a little confusing.