Features cont.

Front camera

Like the G4 the new model comes with an 8MP front flash that offers a display flash function. If flash is activated the preview image is embedded in a white frame and screen brightness cranked up to a maximum during exposure. This provides a good level of illumination that can make a real difference in very dark scenes. As you can see in the samples below, you should not expect too much in terms of pixel-level image quality when using the front camera in low light but exposure and color are good, even in very dim conditions.

Image detail is much better in bright light. There is some visible noise in areas of plain color and fine textures are smeared by noise reduction but edges are well-defined and overall image output is very good for a front camera. 

Front camera, ISO 50, 1/120 sec
Front camera, no ISO reported, 1/12 sec
Front camera, display flash, no ISO reported, 1/12 sec

DNG Raw images

The G5 offers the option to record DNG files with the standard JPEGs. This can be activated in Manual mode only. We processed the sample below in Adobe Camera to see how much, if at all, the out-of-camera JPEG images could be improved. 

We slightly adjusted the white balance for a warmer touch, reduced exposure and pulled the highlights back to reduce clipping in the bright areas of the frame. We also applied some low-radius sharpening to optimize detail. As you can see in the 100% crops or by clicking through to the full-size images, fine textures, such as the grass in the foreground, look more natural in the processed Raw image. There is also noticeably better highlight detail. Some luminance noise is still visible in the sky but is more finely grained and less intrusive than the smeared noise in the JPEG image. 

The option to shoot Raw images is great for those who are willing to spend the time and extra effort to get the most out of their images. When activated, the G5 records a JPEG and Raw image at the same time. You can use the JPEG straight away, for example for sharing on social media, and then optimize the Raw file for printing or large-format display at a later stage.

Out-of-camera JPEG
DNG Raw file converted in Adobe ACR
100% crop
100% crop
100% crop
100% crop

Gallery and Editing

The LG G5 comes with a fairly standard gallery app. You sort images into albums, by timeline or you can filter your favorites. You can also choose to only display videos or group images into 'memories' based on time stamp and location. The size of thumbnails can be varied by pinch-zooming. 

The size of thumbnails can be adapted via a pinch-gesture.

In the individual image view you can rotate and crop images, but for further editing you'll need to either use the pre-installed Google Photos or install a third-party editing app as the G5 does not offer any proprietary editing options. As usual there is also a slide show function and images can also be shared to any other installed app that is capable of processing them. 

In individual image view you get the usual sharing options but editing features are limited.
For more comprehensive editing you'll need to use a third-party app.

Overall, the gallery app does what it's supposed to do. It hasn't got any built-in editing options but given Google Photos is pre-installed and an abundance of image editing apps, many of them free, are available on Google Play, most users will be able to live with that.

The EXIF data of your images can be displayed.