Design & Hardware

The G5's metal back plate is home to the dual-camera and a fingerprint reader.

Compared to its G4 predecessor, LG has made quite a few design changes on the G5. The G4's plastic or, depending on model, leather back has been replaced by a metal rear panel. Also gone is the G4's power and volume rocker rear button array. In its place there is now a fingerprint reader that doubles as power button. The volume rocker has moved into a more conventional position on the left edge of the device. As before, there are no physical controls at the front. 

The latter is dominated by the the 5.3-inch IPS Quantum display. It is a touch smaller than the G4's 5.5-inch variant but comes with the same 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution. An area of the display is always on, showing notifications, even when the device is in sleep mode. The Android OS is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM. 32GB of built-in storage can be expanded up to 2TB via a microSD slot that can be found behind the rear plate.

The 5.3-inch display comes with QHD resolution.
Between the camera lenses you can see a dual-LED flash and the lasers of the AF system.

Only a brief glance at the camera unit on the G5's back is required to realize that the LG's camera concept diverts from the competition. A dual-LED flash and the laser-sensors for measuring the subject distance are located between two lenses. In the main unit a 16MP sensor is combined with a fast F1.8 aperture and 3-axis optical image stabilization. The secondary unit offers a much wider angle of view of and an 8MP sensor with F2.4 aperture. The laser-assisted AF is used by both units and you can switch from one to the other in the camera app. The front camera comes with 8MP sensor and F2.0 aperture.

Like many recent smartphones the G5 comes with a USB Type-C connector.
The optional CAM Plus grip gives the G5 a real camera look and feel.

The CAM Plus camera grip is an optional accessory but in some regions also comes in a bundle with the G5. It comes with an additional 1,200mAh of battery capacity in addition to two-stage shutter, video and zoom buttons. A textured plastic material offers additional grip and its larger size makes the G5 more comfortable to hold when used as a camera. To install it you unclip the G5's bottom part and pull out the battery. The latter is then attached to the camera grip and reinserted into the battery slot, with the grip replacing the standard bottom.

Camera grip and battery slide and clip into the G5 body.