Video Mode

The G4's video interface is pleasantly simple but offers very little control over the recording process.

While there are different modes for stills photography on the G4, video capture works in the same way, no matter what mode you're in. You get hardly any control over the process, and can stop and pause recording and refocus the image by tapping anywhere on the screen. However, the latter can lead to unsightly focus jumps, so this feature is best used with caution.

Unfortunately there is no option to capture still images while recording. In the settings menu you can change the video resolution or switch to slow motion mode but there aren't any further video options. The gallery app allows for video trimming but that's it in terms of video editing functions. Thankfully for those users who take their video shooting more seriously there are decent video editors available in the Google Play Store.

Video options are limited to selecting resolution and switching to slow motion mode.

Video sample 1: 1080p video in bright light

In good light the LG captures video footage with good color, exposure and detail. Sound recording is decent as well. Motion is smooth and the optical image stabilization keeps things very steady although an occasional jittering around the edges of the frame can be noticeable. 

Video sample 2: rolling shutter effect

When shooting video on the G4 we noticed a very pronounced tendency to produce a 'jello' or 'rolling shutter' effect which is caused by the camera's CMOS sensor reading out data line by line. It's a problem inherent to this type of sensor but thanks to increased read-out speeds it had been very little noticeable on on most more recent camera models. Unfortunately on the LG this is not the case.

Fast panning is not recommended in video anyway but if you do decide to pan the G4 camera quickly during recording you should keep in mind that you'll probably end up with leaning vertical lines like the ones you can see in the sample clip below.

Video sample 3: 1080p video in low light

This video was shot in very low light handheld. In these conditions the effects of noise reduction are clearly visible when watching at full size. There is also noticeable luminance noise but overall the image quality is not too bad considering this is a proper night video. There are also some hints of focus hunting but still within acceptable limits. Ideally, continuous focus could be disabled in video mode.

Video sample 4: 4K video

This video was shot in good light using the G4's 4K video resolution. At full size the 4K video looks a touch soft but still shows noticeably better detail than the 1080p equivalent. So, if you own a 4K screen and a large microSD card it's well worth using this high resolution mode.

Video sample 5: Slow motion video

The G4 also comes with a slow-motion video function that records 720p footage. However, looking at the lack of detail and large amounts of artifacts in the footage we would assume the output video has actually been up-sampled from a lower resolution file. 

When viewing a slow motion video in the gallery app you can select a playback speed  of 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 of the original speed. 

You can't pick a slow motion factor during recording but instead select a playback speed in the gallery app. Unfortunately, this only appears to work in the LG gallery app as the option does not appear in the Google Photos app. There also does not appear to be any option to export a slowed-down video which means we cannot post a sample here. Slow motion videos that are downloaded to a computer are played back at approximately double normal speed which suggests footage is recorded at 60 frames per second.