Features cont.

Front camera and Dual Mode

The G4 comes with an 8MP front camera that is capable of taking a very decent selfie and covers a wide angle. Of course it also works well when used in a video-chat. As usual, image quality suffers in low light but the G4 has a clever trick up its sleeve that allows for usable self-portraits even in night conditions. When turning on the 'flash' the preview image for framing is reduced in size and surrounded by a white frame.

During exposure, screen brightness in cranked up to a maximum which provides for a level of illumination on the subject that, in combination with an increased ISO level, allows for an acceptable exposure. As you would expect pixel-level image quality is not great but the feature allows for night selfies that are at least usable for social media which is better than most of the competition.

Front camera image in bright light
Front camera 'flash' image

Gesture Shot is a front cam feature that allows you to capture an image by raising your hand and making a fist. The shutter will be triggered 3 seconds later. Alternatively you can use the voice trigger which will react to a range of voice commands including "LG2", "Cheese" and, the G4 being a Korean device, of course also "Kimchi".

Dual Mode is a special mode that we have seen in a similar form on various competing devices. It allows you to embed the front camera image in the main camera frame or vice versa. It works with both video and still images and is accessed in the same way as the panorama mode described above. The embedded image can be moved around the screen but not resized. Unfortunately, the very small output size of 1280 x 720 pixels limits its usefulness.

Dual Mode image

Gallery and Editing

The gallery app offers the usual square thumbnail layout.

In terms of image viewing the G4's gallery app is pretty close to the Android standard app. You can sort images into albums or by timeline. The app also groups images as 'Memories' based on location and time. You can share to any app capable of processing an image and can also link directly to several cloud services including Dropbox and Google Drive.The ability to display Exif data is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, beyond cropping and rotation the app itself does not come with any editing capability. Instead a tap on the edit icon lets you choose from any image editing app you have installed on your device. This certainly isn't a major problem as Google Photos is pre-installed and there are plenty of free editing apps available on Google Play, but then most gallery apps we have seen have at least some editing capability built in.

Tapping on the edit button will launch an external editing app of your choice.
Exif data can be viewed in the app.