Design & Hardware

The LG G4 is optionally available with a tanned leather back.

From a design point of view the LG G4 clearly takes some cues from its predecessor, the G3, but the new model's body is very slightly bent. According to LG, this difference makes it 20% more durable than flat phones. Additionally, the design is also supposed to make holding the device more comfortable. However, in practice the curvature is just too minimal to notice it much in normal use. There's nothing wrong with the LG's build quality but overall it doesn't feel quite as solid and 'premium' in your hand as its arguably closest rivals, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The G4 is available in several colors with a plastic back or comes, like our test unit, with a tanned full grain leather back. The latter is a nice touch but it's arguably a matter of taste if you go for the standard back or the optional leather.

Thankfully, the bezels around the 5.5-inch IPS Quantum Quad HD display are quite thin, keeping the overall dimensions of the device manageable. Despite the large screen the LG is comfortable to hold and carry in your pocket. On the back you'll find LG's typical button setup, with power button and volume rocker located right below the camera lens. A double-click on the volume-down button will open the camera app from anywhere. For first-time LG users the button layout might seem unusual, but once you're used to it it works well. It also means that the G4 can do without any buttons on the edges or front, making for clean and sleek lines. The removable 3000mAh battery and the microSD slots are accessible behind the back cover. 

Power button, volume rockers and camera are all located on the back of the device.
In daily use the slight curve in the body design is hardly noticeable.

The camera lens is located just above the control cluster, with the dual-LED flash to the right and the laser sensor that supports the AF system to the left. Inside the camera module a 16MP 1/2.6-inch CMOS sensor is combined with a very fast F1.8 aperture and a 3-axis optical image stabilization system. In addition, the G4 comes with a color spectrum sensor that reads RGB color and infrared in order to recognize objects in a scene and their color. This information is then used to optimize white balance and color processing.

Processing power for the Android 5.1 operating system is provided by a slightly unusual Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. Unlike various current high-end models the G4 does not come with a fingerprint sensor for added security.

The 5.5-inch screen offers great sharpness but is a little more difficult to view in bright light than some competitors.