Video Mode

When you flick the video switch in the top right corner of the camera app the shutter buttons turns into a record button, but otherwise the app layout remains the same.

Recording a video on the LG is very straightforward and intuitive. After you flick the stills/video switch in the camera app the camera shutter button turns into a video button which you hit to start recording. Once recording you can hit the same button again to pause, or the stop button that appears at the bottom of the screen to stop your video.

During recording there's also an additional shutter button at the top right corner that allows you to capture a still image without interrupting your video. However, these stills are basically a frame grab from the video and only saved at a size of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

You can adjust exposure compensation and few more parameters in the video settings.
Apart from the standard mode, three more videos styles are on offer.

The icons on the left side of the screen remain the same as in stills mode but the options you get when you press them change in video mode. The settings button now gives you access to a range of video preferences including video size and exposure compensation. The mode button opens up the mode page which includes three more video modes next to the default Normal mode.

Live effect distorts a face that is detected in the frame in various ways. Dual recording works the same way as in stills mode and records with the front and rear camera at the same time. Tracking zoom allows you to magnify a certain portion of the frame. The magnified area is then recorded in its own little window inside your video frame.  You can see samples for Dual Recording and Tracking zoom below.

The LG G2 is capable of recording of 1080p/60fps. If you have a lot of fast motion in your footage and play those files in a compatible player you'll notice slightly smoother motion but for normal video shooting there is no real advantage over the standard 30fps mode. It's good to have though, just in case. 

Video sample 1: 1080p/30fps video in bright light

This video was taken handheld in bright sunlight. The MP4 file shows good detail and color and the optical image stabilization does a a decent job at keeping things steady. However, it also shows one problem that we've encountered far too often when shooting video with the G2: focus pumping. As you can see the lens jumps in and out of focus various times without any apparent reason. This is happening even in completely motionless scenes and can render a video unusable. 

Video sample 2: 1080p/30fps in low light

This video was recorded handheld in a darkened arena. As you can see there is quite some noise in this video and the footage is very soft, thanks to some heavy-handed noise reduction. However, again by far the most annoying problem here is the continuous pumping of the focus. With all of the scene at a long distance from the lens, it's difficult to understand why this is happening. 

Video sample 3: Dual Shot

We also tested the Dual Shot mode which reduces the video resolution to 720p. The image of the front camera is displayed in a small window within the main window. Now you just have to come up with some suitable facial expressions to accompany your video.

Video sample 4: Tracking Zoom

Like Dual Shot mode, Tracking Zoom records in 720p resolution. As you can see the small window shows a magnified area within the main frame. You can move this area while recording by moving a magnification glass around the frame.