Camera Features

While the layout of the G2's camera app is rather simplistic and point-and-shoot oriented, it comes with a good array of shooting modes that are revealed on a separate screen when you hit the mode button. There's nothing really new here, we've seen many of the same modes on other recent high-end phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One, but you'll have quite a few a options to play with out of the box. 

The LG G2's shooting mode screen.

Given that the LG G2 is running Google's Android operating system, currently the most widespread mobile OS, there is no shortage of third party imaging apps. In the Google Play Store you'll find an abundance of camera, editing and effect apps, many of them free of charge. 

Below we've had a closer look at the G2's most interesting shooting modes. Apart from the ones described here the device also offers a burst mode that shoots 20 images in approximately two seconds and allows for manual setting of ISO and exposure compensation. There's also a Sports mode and the Time Catch mode that shoots five images within one second and allows you to pick and save your favorite frames.

Dynamic Tone

LG calls the G2's HDR mode Dynamic Tone but it does pretty much what all other HDR modes do by combining various exposures into one in order to increase the dynamic range of the captured scene. You don't get any control over the process but the G2 produces a pleasant result in its full-auto HDR mode. The dynamic range is increased without going over the top and making the effect look artificial. As a bonus Dynamic Tone deals well with moving subjects in the scene and can prevent a ghosting effect unless subjects are moving very fast.

Normal mode
Dynamic Tone

As you can see in the samples above the shadows in the Dynamic Tone image have been visibly lifted. The effect on the highlights is less pronounced but the overall result still looks much more natural than on some of the competition.

Beauty Shot

Beauty Shot is another mode that we've seen in various incarnations on other devices. It detects faces in an image and then applies a skin softening filter. Again you have no control over the intensity of the effect and for our taste the end result looks a little too unnatural.

Normal Mode
Beauty Shot

Shot & Clear

Shot & Clear is the equivalent of the Eraser mode on the Samsung Galaxy S4. It works by capturing a series of images and identifying and removing moving objects from the final composite image. After the images have been captured, moving objects are automatically identified and marked in blue. You can then select to hide or show them and save the final image.

After an image has been captured in Shot & Clear mode moving subjects in the scene are detected ...
... and you can then elect to delete them tone by one.

Shot & Clear works well if you simply want your scene to be free of moving subjects or you want to get rid of a photo bomber in the background of your portrait. The resulting image is saved in full size.

The final result is saves in full image size and does not show any ghosting or other remains of the subjects you have removed, even upon closer inspection.

Night Mode

The G2's night mode works in the same way that we've seen on other devices before, for example the Galaxy S4. It avoids intrusive noise by blending a quick burst of frames into one image and averaging out the noise. 

Night Mode off, ISO 500, 1/15 sec
Night Mode on

Looking at the samples above in full size you can see that the concept works quite well. There is noticeably less luminance noise in the Night Mode image to the right but you'll also find a few artifacts in the shadow areas. The Night Mode also produces a slightly brighter exposure.