As we have already observed in the real-life samples on the Image Quality and Performance page of this review, at higher ISOs the G2 applies very heavy-handed noise reduction to its images. That results in very clean high ISO output but at the same time, as soon as you go to ISO 400 or higher, all fine detail has vanished and even edge detail is starting to suffer. Close-up the images almost look as if they'd had a strong blur filter effect applied to them. Whether you like this approach to image processing may come down to personal preference, but I am happy to accept some grain in my images in return for better detail.

On the plus side, thanks to its optical image stabilization system, the G2 is capable of keeping the sensitivity lower in dim conditions than some of its competitors without that feature. However, this works best with static scenes as the resulting very slow shutter speeds will almost certainly cause blur on any moving subjects in your frame.