Lens test data comparison

Our unique lens comparison widget lets you view test data for a wide selection of lenses, and compare them to each other at a range of apertures and focal lengths. First select the lens, then an appropriate test camera. You can use the control dials below the display to change focal length and aperture, and can switch between three views (for Sharpness/CA, Vignetting, and Distortion) by clicking on the tabs at the top.

To compare two lenses, click on the 'compare' link, which will open a new page with a second copy of the widget. Simply select the second lens and explore the data. In this mode you can use the cursor keys to change the focal length and aperture for both lenses together (up/down to 'zoom', left/right for aperture).

The page’s URL updates to reflect your current selections, so can be copied and pasted to provide a link to a page showing your choices.

Our lens test data is produced as part of a joint venture with DxOMark, an established world leader in image quality analysis. Click here to learn more about our lens widget, and our collaboration with DxOMark.