(Apologies for the 'below average' quality of screen shots on this page, as the M9 has no video output we had to capture these by taking pictures of the LCD).

INFO display

Doing away with the tiny top panel LCD of the M8 the M9 now features the same information (and more) on the main LCD monitor with a press of the INFO button. Here we can see two horizontal gauges representing battery status and SD card capacity as well as remaining pictures, the metered or selected shutter speed and the lens attached (or manually selected).

Record Review

You can choose for the M9 to display a review of the image taken immediately after shutter release, if enabled you can set the display duration (1 to 5 seconds, permanent or with the shutter release) and the display type (with or without a histogram). During record review you can also press the DELETE button to quickly delete the image.

Play display

Press the PLAY button to enter Play mode, by default this shows a single image with simply the frame counter at the top right and the protect icon at the top left (if set). Press INFO to switch to the detailed information display which has a smaller version of the image, a histogram and exposure information. The histogram type can be set between brightness (luminance) or RGB and you can also optionally enable the display of clipping. In INFO mode you can still magnify and the histogram will reference only the magnified portion.

Default display INFO display
INFO display (RGB histogram, magnified) INFO display with highlights indicated

Play magnify

From a single image view turn the command dial clockwise to enter magnify mode, use the direction buttons to move around the magnified image. The M9 provides four magnify levels, the last of which is a 1:1 representation of the image. The sequence below shows three increasing levels of magnification.


Thumbnail index

From a single image view turn the command dial counter-clockwise to enter thumbnail index display mode, there are three levels available; 2x2 index, 3x3 index and a 3x3 index which can be paged (9 images per direction button press).


Other play displays

The DELETE button provides an option to delete the current image or all images, the SET button now acquires the ability to delete protect the current image or all images, or remove protection (taken over from the M8's PROTECT button).