Rear of camera controls

The rear of the camera is dominated by that larger-than-average 2.5" LCD monitor. Above and to the right of this are an array of buttons most of which are associated with digital functions. The direction pad provides 4-way movement control and also self-timer and review function. Surrounding the direction pad is a rotating 'setting ring' which is used to select or change options once a choice is displayed on screen (it's like a mini version of that found on certain digital SLR's).

Mode lever

Play mode

Switches the camera to play mode, displays the last image taken or the last image on the SD card using the last used display mode. Personally I would have preferred not to have a separate play mode but rather to change the function of the 'Auto Review' button to provide a full shooting priority play option.
Continuous shooting mode

The camera takes images continuously while the shutter release button is held and while there is space available in the camera buffer. You can select High or Low continuous shooting speed (2.7 fps or 1.0 fps respectively).
Single image shooting mode

The camera takes one shot for each depression of the shutter release button. This is the normal shooting mode.

Buttons / Controls

Power on/off

Move the power lever to the On position to power up the camera which takes approximately 1.8 seconds from off to ready to shoot. Upon turning the camera off the Leica logo is displayed on the LCD monitor while the camera shuts down, this includes any time required to complete writing images to the SD card.
Flash open

Press this button to release the pop-up flash unit, it opens completely to its straight forward (direct) position, to move to the indirect position simply push the flash down half way.

This button allows you to switch the display output from the LCD monitor to the Electronic Viewfinder.
Display mode

Display overlay in record mode:

 • Basic information
 • Basic information with histogram
 • Thirds grid, no information
 • AF brackets, no information
Display overlay in play mode:

 • Single image, no information
 • Basic information
 • Basic information with histogram
EV comp. / Auto Bracket / Flash comp.

 • First press: exposure compensation (-2 to +2 EV in 0.3 EV steps)
 • Second press: auto bracket (3 or 5 images, 0.3, 0.7 or 1.0 EV steps)
 • Third press: flash power compensation (-2 to +2 EV in 0.3 EV steps)

  (You can jump out of the sequence at any time by pressing the down arrow)

Function (Quick Set)

The Function / Quick Set button displays a customizable four option menu, each option is tied to one of the four direction arrows on the direction pad. These options can be programmed (via the Setup menu) to any of the following:

 • White Balance
 • White Balance adjust
 • Picture Size
 • Quality
 • Spot AF
 • Sensitivity (ISO)
 • Burst Rate
 • Audio Record
 • Digital Zoom
 • Flash Sync
 • Contrast
 • Sharpness
 • Saturation
 • Motion Image
 • Flip Animation


Enters or leaves the current camera mode menu. Also used to confirm certain menu settings.

 • First press: 10 second self-timer
 • Second press: 2 second self-timer
Auto Review

Displays the last image taken, you can use the left/right arrows to browse through images or magnify the current image up to 8x. Press the delete button to delete the current image.

This button has no function in record mode, in play or auto review modes it is used to delete the currently displayed image, requires a Yes / No confirmation.