Top of camera controls

The top of the camera is so simple there's really no explanation required, a power button and the shutter release. Clean, simple and easy to understand. My only comment would be that I'm not sure putting the power and shutter release buttons right next to each other was such a good idea, and both press buttons too.

Rear of camera controls

All of the camera controls are to be found on the back, along the top are focus and flash buttons, the main mode switch and zoom controller. Below this is the 4-way controller and ENTER button, along the bottom the display mode and menu buttons. Kudos for the mode switch, it makes quickly flicking between record and play quick and easy.

Mode switch

SET UP Set up mode

Switches to a full screen menu which allows you change various camera settings such as date, focus mode, digital zoom etc. (detailed later)
Play mode

Immediately displays the last image taken (or on the MMC card). In play mode the front red LED lights (for some reason).
Record mode

The camera's single record mode.


Focus mode

Select focus mode:
• Normal focus: 90 cm (3 ft) - Infinity
• Macro focus: 6 cm (2.4 in) - 90 cm (3 ft)
• Landscape focus: Infinity lock

Flash mode

Switches between different flash modes:
• Auto flash
• Auto flash + redeye reduction
• Flash fill
• Flash cancel
Zoom wide angle

Record mode: Zooms lens towards wide angle (38 mm equiv.)
Play mode: Cancel magnified view
Zoom telephoto

Record mode: Zooms lens towards telephoto (76 mm equiv.)
Play mode: Enter magnify view mode (2x), can scroll using 4-way controller
4-way controller

Record mode: Up/Down - change monitor view (detailed info, basic info)
Play mode: Up/Down - display exposure information, Left/Right - browse through images
Menus: Navigate around menu / choose option.
Enter / Confirm

Record / Play modes: Brightness control.
Menus: Confirm menu selection.

Record mode: Switch monitor LCD on or off.

Enter / leave current mode menu.