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Switching to playback mode displays the last image taken, full screen. Pressing the i+ button toggles basic file information (date/time/file number) on or off. Pressing the 'down' arrow key changes the playback display to give you a histogram, plus fairly comprehensive shooting information.
Pressing the left (minus) zoom button displays nine thumbnails to a page (you can toggle file information on and off). The left (plus) zoom button allows you to magnify an image up to 10x. The arrow keys are used for scrolling around the enlarged view.
The A200 doesn't auto rotate images shot in portrait orientation; pressing the down arrow key in playback mode lets you rotate the image 90 degrees at a time. The playback menu contains three pages of basic settings including file deletion and locking, card formatting and DPOF print ordering. You can also resize images and perform basic video edits (trimming).
When in movie mode the FUNC menu offers control over saturation, contrast and color filter (cool to warm). And of course you can zoom whilst shooting movies. The movie options menu is fairly basic - you can change image size and frame rate, and engage 'Night movie' mode, which increases sensitivity (although obviously this also increases noise).
The setup menu (accessible in either record or playback modes) has four pages of options covering basic camera settings (video output, language, sounds, folders and so on). You can also change the behavior of the anti shake system (on all the time or only during exposure - presumably to reduce battery drain)