Software - RAW conversion

DiMAGE Viewer

The DiMAGE A200 is supplied with Konica Minolta's DiMAGE Viewer (now up to version 2.37). It allows you to browse, view and organize images from the camera. It provides a wide range of image adjustments to TIFF and JPEG images which can be stored as 'Image Correction Jobs' rather than modifying the original image. Viewer also provides basic RAW conversion tools. In our tests - not unsurprisingly - the DiMAGE Viewer RAW converter was completely outperformed by the Adobe Camera Raw (version 2.4 Beta, Photoshop CS).

RAW Resolution

While the absolute resolution results from JPEG and DiMAGE Viewer raw converter show the same moiré artifacts, there is no doubt the converted RAW file is sharper and shows slightly more detai. The result from Adobe Camera RAW version 2.4 Beta, default settings) was noticeably better, with more detail and no moiré artifacts. If you want the best from the A200 the answer is obviously to shoot RAW and use ACR.

JPEG from camera Dimage Viewer raw conversion
Adobe Camera Raw 2.4 Beta