Play mode display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. The A1 must use a 'thumbnail' image in the file header because it displays images very quickly. Press the 4-way controller left or right to browse through images (again virtually instant between images). Pushing the 4-way controller up displays a histogram of the image along with detailed exposure information. While in this view mode you can still browse through images using the left and right arrows on the controller.
Pressing the QV/delete button in play mode displays this delete confirmation prompt. Pressing the magnify button enters magnify mode, you can zoom between x1.2 and x10.2 in x0.2 steps. Press the center of the 4-way controller to switch between selecting the magnification level and scrolling around the image.
Pressing the Display information button (i+) twice switches to a thumbnail display which can be configured to either four (2 x 2) or nine (3 x 3) thumbnails.
A similar thumbnail view is also used to mark images for protection / deletion / print order. An example of copying images from one CF card to another.