Image parameters

Identical to the DiMAGE A1 the A2 provides a wide range of image parameter adjustment which was a trademark of the DiMAGE 7 line of digital cameras. The DiMAGE A2 provides adjustment for Color Mode, Filter, Color saturation, Contrast and Sharpness. Thankfully Konica Minolta recognize that it's not enough simply to provide image parameters there must be a decent amount of adjustment latitude, and thankfully there is in the range of -5 to +5.

  • Color mode: Vivid sRGB, Natural sRGB, Adobe RGB (and Embedded), B&W, Solarized
  • Filter: -5 (cooler; blue) to +5 (warmer; red)
  • Color saturation: -5 (less) to +5 (more)
  • Contrast: -5 (less) to +5 (more)
  • Sharpness: Hard, Normal, Soft

Note that in addition to the adjustments listed above you can also fine tune each of the white balance presets individually from -3 (cooler; blue) to +3 (warmer; red).


The filter setting allows you to apply a digital 'filter' (a bit like color correction lens filters) to the entire image. A negative filter tends towards a blue (cool) appearance, a positive filter tends towards a red (warm) appearance. In black and white color mode the filter setting can be used to provide a different 'tone' to the image (sepia look etc.). Samples below show the negative to positive extremes of this setting.

  Filter 100% crop

Color saturation

Saturation adjustment allows you to control the strength of color in the final image. As you can see the DiMAGE A2 provides a wide range of color saturation options from a very de-saturated image (useful for photographing bright flowers in direct sunlight) to very saturated as well as nine other levels between these extremes.

  Saturation 100% crop


Adjusting the tone alters the shape of the 'S curve' used to map the linear image data captured by the sensor into the correct gamma. A lower contrast setting maintains more of the original data's dynamic range but leads to a flatter looking image. A higher contrast setting stretches the grayscale (dark to light) of the image and could lead to clipping of both shadow detail and highlights.

  Contrast Luminosity histogram

Sharpness adjustment

The DiMAGE A2 allows you to control the internal sharpening of the image by a degree of one plus and minus it's "normal" sharpness. It's a pity there weren't more levels of adjustment for this parameter.

Sharpness: Soft Sharpness: Normal
Sharpness: Hard