Battery Compartment

The 7D uses the same Lithium-Ion battery as the DiMAGE A2, the NP-400 is rated with a capacity of 1500 mAh at 7.4 V (11. Wh) and is charged with the supplied BC-400 battery charger. The battery is held in place by a small internal clip and is protected by a battery door.

Compact Flash Compartment

The Compact Flash compartment is located on the right side of the camera (from the back) and makes up part of the hand grip. The door hinge is spring loaded and flips open once past the half way point. Inside is the Compact Flash Type II card slot which can accept Type I or Type II cards (including FAT32 cards). Also inside the compartment is the combined Video Out / USB connector which is accessed through the compartment door via a small secondary sliding door. Unlike some other cameras the 7D does not power down when you open the compartment door.


The 7D's connectors are split between the left and right sides of the camera. On the left we have (top to bottom) the PC Sync flash terminal, DC-IN terminal and remote control terminal. On the right side behind a sliding door in the CF compartment door is the combined Video Out / USB connector. The 7D supports USB 2.0 at the full 'Hi-Speed' specification.

USB 2.0 speed test

The 7D's USB interface is specified as "USB 2.0 Hi-Speed", this means that according to the official standard it has a maximum throughput of 480 Mbps (Megabits per second), USB 1.1 or "Full-Speed USB" has a maximum throughput of 12 Mbps. To test the 7D's transfer speed we used twelve standard images (six RAW, six JPEG) totaling 66.2 MB and transferred them from a SanDisk Extreme III 1 GB CF card via four different methods.

UPDATE 27/02/2005: Konica Minolta's new firmware 1.1 for the 7D has resolved a problem we identified in our original review and I'm glad to report the 7D's USB transfer rates are on par with what we would expect from a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed device.

Method Time taken Transfer rate
USB 1.1 Card reader 71.0 sec 7.5 Mbps (0.9 MBytes/sec)
USB 2.0 Card reader 20.3 sec 26 Mbps (3.3 MBytes/sec)
Konica Minolta 7D (firmware 1.1) 20.8 sec 25.3 Mbps (3.2 MBytes/sec)
Konica Minolta 7D (firmware 1.0) 70.8 sec 7.5 Mbps (0.9 MBytes/sec)
CardBus 32 PCMCIA adapter 6.6 sec 80 Mbps (10.0 MBytes/sec)

Mbps = Megabits per second, MBytes/sec = Megabytes per second

Tripod Mount

On the bottom of the camera you'll find the metal tripod socket which is aligned exactly with the center line of the lens. This is surrounded by a good hard-rubber foot which extends to the battery compartment to the left and the edge of the body to the right. This provides a good steady and firm platform when attached to tripod heads.

Pop-up Flash

The 7D has a pop-up flash on the top of the viewfinder prism, it is opened manually by flicking it up. When raised the flash is approximately 110 mm above the center of the lens, this compared to the Canon EOS 20D's flash which when raised is 95 mm above the center of the lens. The built-in flash unit has a guide number of 12 and a maximum sync speed of 1/160 sec (1/125 sec with AS on). In a low light situation with the flash raised the camera will strobe the flash to act as an assist lamp for the AF system (it must be raised manually to perform this function).

Accessory shoe

The 7D has one of Minolta's unique mounts and is compatible with Minolta Dynax / Maxxum system flashes and most probably some third-party flash systems. Primarily it is fully compatible with the Program Flash 2500(D), 3600HS(D) and 5600HS(D) as well as the Macro Twin Flash 2400 and Macro Ring Flash 1200.

Wireless Flash

The 7D supports wireless flash using the 5600 HS(D) or 3600 HS(D) flash units. Simply slide the flash onto the camera, set the camera to wireless flash mode and it will communicate with the flash unit, program itself to the correct wireless channel and configure the flash unit. The flash may then be removed and positioned up to 5 m (16.4 ft) from the camera and will be remotely triggered at the time of exposure.

Lens Mount

The Minolta AF mount is much like various other bayonet fit lens mounts, the red indicator dot is used to align the lens for insertion then simply rotate clockwise to lock. Upon attaching a lens the 7D goes through a quick 'priming' where it spins the focus motor connector so that it connects with the terminal on the lens. The mount supports either body drive connect focus or lenses with built-in focus motors.

Box Contents

  • Konica Minolta Maxxum / Dynax 7D digital SLR body
  • NP-400 Lithium-Ion battery
  • BC-400 battery charger
  • LCD Monitor protect panel MPP-1000
  • Eyepiece cup EC-1400
  • Body cap BDC-1000
  • Shoe cap SC-1000
  • Eyepiece cap II
  • Shoulder strap WS-4
  • Video and USB cables
  • CD-ROM (DiMAGE Viewer)
  • Manual, Warranty