The Maxxum 7D is supplied with DiMAGE Viewer, now up to version 2.37. In addition you can also purchase Konica Minolta's new DiMAGE Master (approx. $120) for more advanced workflow and RAW conversion capabilities, this new application was announced at Photokina as part of the introduction of the Maxxum 7D.

DiMAGE Viewer 2.3.7 (included)

DiMAGE Viewer provides image browsing, rudimentary organization, editing and RAW conversion capability. Below you can see Viewer in its thumbnail browse mode, you can carry out all the normal Windows Explorer type functions of drag & drop, cut & paste, deletion, creation of new folders etc.

Image Information

Press CTRL+I or select the "Show Image Information" option at any time to display a column of information about the selected image. This is typically EXIF information but also includes some 'vendor specific' detail such as subject program, color mode etc. (We have broken the column into two parts here, to make it easier to see).

Viewer / Editor

Double-click on an image to open it in the viewer / editor. The left hand pane is for image snapshots which you can take at any point during the editing of an image. The center image view can be zoomed and scrolled and can also show a side-by-side comparison between the original image and the modifications. On the right side we have RGB histograms and image information (identical to above).

Image editing for JPEG images comprises of; sharpness (unsharp mask), tone curves and histogram (levels), hue / saturation / lightness (brightness) and variations. Images can be saved as BMP, JPEG, TIFF (8 or 16 bit per pixel), cropping is also available. In the example below we have taken a total of three snapshots during the editing of this image and are viewing the final edit side-by-side with the original at 50% zoom. Image correction 'jobs' (the combination of adjustments) can be saved separately to the image and loaded or applied to images either individually or in batch.

Batch processing

With multiple images selected in the thumbnail browser you can process images in batch, this includes RAW conversion or image correction jobs, resizing, rotation etc. Note that there is also a separate option for batch renaming of images (simple counter templates).

Opening RAW files

Upon opening a RAW file you are presented with this window which allows you to adjust settings before the image is processed at full resolution by the RAW conversion engine. Parameters which can be adjusted are shown below. Note that RAW settings can be saved in 'RAW Job' files and used later to convert images either individually or in batch.

RAW engine parameters

  • Color mode: Full color, B&W
  • White balance: Camera settings, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent (7 types), Flash, Shade, Manual (Kelvin or click preset)
  • Hue: -2 to +2
  • Saturation: -2 to +2
  • Contrast: -2 to +2
  • Exposure compensation: -2.0 to +2.0 in 0.1 EV steps
  • Sharpness: Soft, Normal, Hard