Record review

Thankfully with the advent of new releases of firmware Kodak has now introduced an automatic record review mode which is of course available on the SLR/c. When enabled this provides a review of the last image taken for a customizable length of time (3, 5 or 10 sec). The display mode used depends on the display mode last selected in playback mode (see below). Alternatively you can leave the camera in playback mode, this will 'follow' images as they are taken.

Image mode (playback)

Press the OK button to enter "Image mode" (playback) from LCD off or Menu if a menu is displayed. There are four possible image review modes; single image, histogram, zoom and multiple images. Press the left or right arrows to browse through images, hold the NAV+ button and press left or right to jump 10 images at a time or change folder. Press the up or down arrows on the 4-way controller to switch between review modes.

Single image review
Displays the current image in a full view. The bar along the bottom of the image is the navigator, the white bar on the left is the current image, the dark gray section to its right are the remaining images on the storage card. The 'pop up' icon menu disappears after two or three seconds (can be customized).
Histogram review
Displays a thumbnail of the image along with brief exposure information and a histogram of tones in the image. Note that the histogram section labeled 'ERI' refers to image data which is overexposed but captured and available for digital exposure compensation (either RAW or JPEG ERI).
Zoom review
A little difficult to see in this capture but there is a ROI (Region Of Interest) box which animates. You must press OK to enter zoom mode (see below). You can still browse in zoom review.
Multiple images
Displays a 2x2 thumbnail index of images.

Zoom review

When entering zoom review mode the ROI (Region Of Interest) box is located at the previous position (or center of frame). Press OK to enter zoom mode, now the 4-way controller is used to move the ROI box around the image, press OK again to toggle through the three zoom levels; 1:14 (no zoom), 1:4 and 1:1. Note that the camera also memorizes the last zoom level so that if you navigate away from the image and come back you will be in the 'last situation'. At zoom level 1:1 it can take a couple of seconds for the camera to render the view in detail. Note you can not zoom JPEG files, only Raw.

Here we have switched review mode to zoom review but have yet to press OK. Having pressed OK the ROI box becomes more visible and can be moved around the image. Note the status bar along the bottom of the image, this provides a readout of data about the data at the center of the ROI box (the luminometer spot); zoom level, luminance level (in EV's), red value, green value and blue value.
Zoom level 1:4, again we can continue to pan around the image, it will scroll to keep the ROI box on the screen. Status bar values are constantly updated. Zoom level 1:1, this is the maximum zoom level where one pixel on the image is represented by one pixel on the LCD monitor. Note that the ROI box disappears but the center luminometer indicator remains.

Modifying images

Press the Delete button to enter delete mode, here you can choose to delete the current image, all images on the card or current folder, all untagged images on the card or current folder. Press the Tag/Record button to tag an image for later selection in PhotoDesk or to tag it for printing (DPOF). Hold the Tag/Record button to record an audio annotation to be 'attached' to the image.
An example of an image with an audio annotation attached, tagged and print tagged. The view when holding the NAV+ button which allows you to jump ten images at a time or select different folders.