The SLR/c has a big bright viewfinder thanks to the fact that its sensor is the same size as a 35 mm negative (36 x 24 mm). It's surprising what a difference having that 'full frame' viewfinder makes. The dioptre adjustment lever is on the top of the eyepiece.

Viewfinder view

Through the viewfinder you'll see the center area metering circle and five AF area markers. The AF area used for an AF lock blinks red. Along the bottom of the viewfinder view you will see the status bar.

Battery / Charger

The SLR/c has the same single 'stick pack' Lithium-ion battery as the 14n and SLR/n. This slides into the bottom left edge of the camera and is held in place by a lever built into the battery. It provides 1800 mAh at 7.4 V (13.3 Wh) and weighs just 116 g (4.1 oz). This battery helps the SLR/c to keep its weight down, although on the negative side makes the base of the camera wider than it should be.

Battery charger / AC Adapter

The battery charges in the supplied charger / adapter. A full charge should take approximately 90 minutes. The LED on the charger indicates the current charge status with a number of blinks. This unit can also be used as an AC adapter by inserting the dummy battery 'power module' into the camera and connecting this to the charger unit via a supplied cable.

Storage Compartment

On the rear of the SLR/c you will find a horizontally hinged door which is opened by pushing a small lever downwards. Inside you will find two storage slots, one for Compact Flash Type I or II (including IBM Microdrive), the second for Secure Digital / Multi Media Cards. Each card slot can be assigned a different function during shooting. For instance you can choose to write RAW to the CF card and JPEG to the SD card or any other combination. Oddly the SD card is inserted with its label side down, the CF up, this is a little confusing at first.


On the left side of the camera directly above the battery compartment are the Serial, Video Out and IEEE 1394 (Firewire) connectors. Near to the top of the camera on the same side is the PC Sync flash terminal, on the front a remote terminal.

Camera Base / Tripod Mount

When you see the camera from the bottom you can appreciate how wide it is down there, obviously a fair amount of that width is required for the stick pack battery, the rest is the vertical hand grip and thick rear digital portion. Note that the camera has a rubber 'foot' (useful for steadying the camera), as with the 14n the tripod mount is a little far forward for my liking, it's not in line with the focal plane and can cause the camera to tip forwards slightly on certain tripod quick release plates.

Flash Hot-shoe

The SLR/c has a hot-shoe which is compatible with the Sigma EF-500 DG Super flash light, Canon EOS 220EX, 420EX, 550EX, MR-14EX, MT-24EX Speedlights and STE-E2 E-TTL transmitter. The SLR/c supports E-TTL auto flash as well as high speed (FP) sync, flash exposure compensation, flash bracketing and E-TTL wireless.

Lens Mount / Sensor cleaning

The SLR/c has a Canon EF lens mount, it can accept almost any Canon EF mount lenses (including third party lenses). The camera has a dedicated 'Imager Clean' mode for cleaning and removing dust from the sensor surface. You can enter sensor cleaning mode with a freshly charged battery although the use of the AC adapter is recommended.

Box Contents

Contents of the retail box are:

  • Kodak Pro DCS Pro SLR/c digital SLR
  • Body cap
  • Charger / AC Adapter
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • DC Power module (dummy battery)
  • 4-pin to 6-pin Firewire (IEEE 1394) cable
  • Hand and neck straps
  • User guide (English)
  • Documentation CD (8 languages)
  • Host software CD (DCS Photo Desk, DCS Camera Manager)
  • Warranty Card / Service Information