Display and menus contd...

Pressing the 'review' button switches to playback mode. You can view images with or without a full information overlay by pressing the 'info' button. The final option is to view a playback histogram. You can also show clipped highlights as an orange overlay.
Pushing the joystick down brings up a page of nine thumbnails. Turning the control dial to the right magnifies the image (up to 10x).
The ubiquitous Kodak 'share' button brings up a short menu of options. Images can be tagged for emailing when transferred using the EasyShare software. All contacts need to be created on the PC (you can't do it in-camera). The playback menu offers a range of options including image editing (crop, resize), automatic red-eye removal and copying of files between the internal memory and SD card.
One usual feature is 'favorites' - add an image as a favorite and next time you transfer your pictures to the PC a small (screen resolution) version will be copied back to the camera's internal memory so you can carry it with you at all times. Not sure how useful this is, but it's very 'Kodak'. Again, the program (custom) button can be assigned to a wide range of functions.
Fairly unique on this type of camera is a 'RAW develop' option, which allows you to turn a RAW file into a JPEG, with full control over exposure, image parameters and white balance.