Record mode display

Here we can see an example of the default live display view in capture (record) mode. As you can see there is very little information available on-screen other than the fact that we have macro focus mode enabled.

Indeed the only details which appear in the top bar before pressing the shutter release are focus mode (macro / landscape) and an exposure compensation indicator (if has been compensation applied).

Half-pressing the shutter release triggers the camera's auto focus and auto exposure systems. If the auto focus system locks successfully the LED beside the viewfinder will glow green steadily, otherwise it will blink. At this stage the camera also displays the metered exposure (F4.0, 1/60 sec in this case).

After fully depressing the shutter release the camera takes the shot and then displays a review of the image taken for approximately five seconds. You can interrupt this review at any time by half-pressing the shutter release. Press the down arrow to delete the image before it is fully saved.

Play display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. The DX4900 does use a 'rough thumbnail' to produce the initial image, however this is replaced within a second by a finer detailed image (you hardly notice the rough image). The DX4900 doesn't have a thumbnail view mode, the only way you can browse through multiple images is to enter the play menu and use the 'filmstrip' style view which shows you three images at a time along with a crop of the selected image. This filmstrip view is used for all the play menu options.
Press the zoom controller towards wide to switch first to a 2 x 2 thumbnail index.