Top of camera controls

On the top front of the DX4900 you will find the shutter release, it has a very definite half-press and a click full press. Behind this is the mode dial, here you can select between capture (record), review (play) and setup modes. To the left of the mode dial are a group of three settings buttons. These buttons are located beside the status LCD so you can instantly see the current setting.

Mode dial

Setup mode

Setup provides control over certain camera settings such as power save options, digital zoom, sound, memory, date and time etc. It also contains the card format option.
Review (play) mode

Switches to play mode, displays the last image taken (or the last image on the CF card).
Capture (record) mode

Switches to record mode, prepares the camera for shooting. The lens is extended if it is not already. The LCD display will return to 'live view' if 'Reset User Setting' is set to No and the display was on at the last power off.

Settings buttons

Flash mode

Change flash mode:
• Auto
• Flash on (fill-flash)
• Flash off (cancel flash)
• Red-Eye reduction
Focus mode

Selects auto focus mode:
• Normal: 50 cm - Infinity (19.7 in - Infinity)
• Macro: 7 cm - 70 cm (2.7 in - 27.5 in)
• Landscape: Infinity lock
Self Timer

Enables or disables the cameras self-timer (10 seconds):
• On
• Off

Rear of camera controls

The back of the DX4900 is very straightforward. The zoom buttons have been combined with a 4-way controller. In menus this controller is used to navigate around and select options, in record mode the left and right movement of the controller becomes the zoom (wide / telephoto).

Button functions in record mode

W / T Zoom Controller

The zoom controller is a straight forward single speed type, the camera appears to have five zoom steps including full wide angle and telephoto.
Up / Down

No function except during menu navigation.
SELECT Display Mode

Select LCD monitor function:
• Menus only (live view off)
• Live view display
MENU Enter / Leave record menu

Self explanatory (see following pages).

Button functions in play mode

W / T Previous / Next

Used to browse through images on the CF card. Press 'W' for previous image and 'T' for the next image.
First / Last

Used to quickly jump to the first image taken or the last image taken. Press 'Up' for the first image or 'Down' for the last image.

No function except during menu selection.
MENU Enter / Leave play menu

Self explanatory (see following pages).