The DCS 760's menu system has a 'drop down' style which is split into five menus:

• Folder / Card selection
• Settings Menu
• White Balance Menu
• Video Out*
• LCD Contrast

* Only appears if Video Out is enabled.

Note that the description of menus on this page were taken from a camera with firmware 1.3.1, a new firmware is expected towards 'the end of the summer' which will include in-camera JPEG generation and will no doubt add some new menu options.

Folder / Card selection menu

This menu allows you to select the active folder, once at least one shot has been taken in the new folder (such as '02') the camera will automatically create the next folder. All images from now onwards are recorded in the selected folder. Image browsing only shows images in the currently selected folder.

If multiple storage cards are inserted this menu has a second section which allows you to switch cards.

Settings Menu

This menu provides access to the three main 'sub-menus' within the camera:

• Main Menu (digital portion control)
• Properties Menu (other digital settings)
• Custom Settings (photographic settings)

Each of these menus is described in more detail below.

White Balance Menu

Select White balance:

• Auto
• Daylight
• Tungsten
• Fluorescent
• Flash
• Custom
• Custom WB Setup (see below)

The DCS 760 allows you to save custom WB into files on the storage card, they can even be renamed at a later date to be given sensible English names like 'Studio' or 'Showroom'.

Video Out Menu

This menu option only appears if you have enabled the Video Out option.

The DCS 760's video out doesn't work in the same way as other digital cameras (or digital SLR's), instead it's only capable of displaying a review or full size playback image (no menus, no zoom, no thumbnails).

This could be useful for reviewing (but not magnifying...) on a larger monitor in a studio environment.

LCD Contrast

This menu option allows you to quickly adjust the contrast of the LCD Monitor to compensate for different ambient light levels, typically the center portion of the display would show the currently selected image, on the left a grayscale bar helps tuning.

Main Menu

Options Settings / Description
Card Quick Format
Full Format
Recover Card
Quick format card
Fully format card (erase every sector)
Undelete previously deleted images
Delete Images No
All in FOLDER01
Untagged in FOLDER01
All on card
Untagged on card
External Video Off
Enables external video menu option
Firmware Version
Update From Card
Kodak DCS760C K760C-00702 1.3.1
Imager Clean Perform Imager clean (requires fully charged battery and AC adapter connected)
Intervalometer Frame Count


Job Tracker None
Load from card...
Load IPTC job files (.IPT) and use them to mark images shot
Overexposure Indicator Off
When enabled the camera will blink areas which are overexposed
Serial Port Baud Rate
Serial In

Serial Out
(300 - 115200)
(None / New Images / Previous Image / Remote Release / GPS / Modem)
(None / Remote Release / Shutter Pulse / Image Number / Modem)
Time / Date
Set yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss

Properties Menu

The Properties Menu controls various settings which only effect the "digital" side of the camera.

Options Settings / Description
Battery Save Onset
Display Off Time
Enable Sharpening
This setting is used to inform the acquire module / Photo Desk that the anti-alias filter is installed and sharpening should be applied to counteract the slight softening effect of the filter.
Total Actuation's
Use FOLDER01 with a blank card or the first empty card?
Video Format
Select video output standard

Custom Settings Menu

In addition to the above menus it is also possible to control certain "custom" settings, these can be set through the custom settings menu or by using the CSM button in combination with the front and rear command wheels.

Custom ID
Custom Settings Description
0: Custom Settings 0-A Settings A
1-b Settings B
Switch between set A or set B of custom settings
1: Cont Servo AF 1-0 Release-Priority
1-1 Focus-Priority
Should continuous AF have release or focus priority
2: Single Servo AF 2-0 Focus Priority
2-1 Release-Priority
Should single-press AF have release or focus priority
3: Bracketing Order 3-1 -,0,+
3-0 0,-,+
Order of which bracket shots are taken (- or + EV)
4: Light Press AF 4-0 Activated
4-1 Disabled
Does a light press on the shutter release perform auto focus
5: AE Lock 5-0 Detected Value
5-1 Controlled Value
6: Dial Direction 6-0 Default
6-1 Opposite
Switch operational direction of dial
7: Light Press AE-L 7-0 Disabled
7-1 Activated
Locks exposure with light press
11: Alert LED in Bulb 11-0 Does not blink
11-1 Blinks
When using BULB mode should the alert LED flash
14: Center Weighted Meter C8 8 mm
C12 12 mm
C15 15 mm
C20 20 mm
A Average
Size of center-weighted meter circle (in terms of viewfinder view)
15: Meter Off Timer L4 4 seconds
L8 8 seconds
L16 16 seconds
L32 32 seconds
Power-down time for metering system (power saver)
16: Self Timer Time 16-0 10 seconds
L-(2-60) (2-60) seconds
Self timer time
17: Manual Bracket 00A Flash Output
10A Shutter
01A Aperture
11A Shutter/Aperture
Use shutter speed, aperture or a combination of both to achieve bracketing of exposures
18: Focus Screen Comp +/-2.0 EV in 0.5 EV steps Change the focus screen compensation for different viewfinders
19: Long Shutter Time 19-0 Disabled
19-1 Enabled
Enables extra-long exposure times of: 40 sec, 50 sec, 1 min, 1.5 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 6 min, 8 min, 10 min, 13 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min and 30 min
20: Top TTL Flash Sync 1/ (60, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250 ,300) sec Change maximum flash sync speed
21: AF/AE Lock Button AEL AE Lock
L-L AE/AF Lock
Operation of AF/AE Lock button
22: Sub Dial Aperture 22-0 Enabled
22-1 Disabled
By default the sub-dial can be used to alter the aperture, this action can be disabled by selecting 22-1
23: Focus Indicators 23-0 Displayed
23-1 Not Displayed
Display [ ] brackets in bold when focus area selected or not
24: Auto Bracketing 11E Auto/Flash
10E Flash
01E Auto
Control whether flash output or auto exposure are altered when bracketing is enabled