Record mode display

Hitting the OK (display) button immediately after taking a shot will display the image in the currently active view mode:

• Single image view mode
• Zoom view mode
• Histogram view mode
• Multiple Image view mode (thumbnails)
• Image delete mode

Press the up / down arrows on the 4-way controller to select view mode.

In all modes the left / right arrows on the 4-way controller are used to browse through an image (unless zoom is active in zoom view mode). Apologies for the poor quality of the captures below, unfortunately the DCS 760's new 'video out' mode doesn't output anything but a clean single image view mode (so I couldn't use my usual video capture card).

Single image view mode

Single image view mode displays the full image on the LCD monitor so that it can be seen in its entirety. The bar along the bottom of the image indicates the current position in the array of images on the storage card (this disappears after a second or two).

Below the image are a row of status icons, in this case simply indicating the folder number.

If the overexposure indicator is enabled overexposed areas will blink.

Zoom view mode

Zoom view mode allows you to magnify the image and pan around it with a readout of the 'area of interest' (indicated by a small box inside the larger box), in this case +1.0 stop and 38% exposure (up to 180%).

There are a total of three levels of zoom (1:10, 1:3 and 1:1), press OK to toggle through each. The larger bounding box (in 1:10 and 1:3 modes) indicate the size (and position) of magnification to the next zoom level.

Histogram view mode

Histogram view mode displays a small version of the image along with a luminance histogram and the following image information: Image number, Active folder number, Date of capture, Time of capture, ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture, Exposure mode, Exposure compensation

Multiple image view mode

Multiple image view mode (thumbnail view to others) displays up to four images at a time, again the bar along the bottom indicates your position in the array of images on the storage card.

Delete image mode

Delete image mode gives you an immediate decision to delete the current image. Press OK twice in succession to delete the image and OK the confirmation box at the same time.

I personally would like to have seen either (a) a dedicated delete button which could be used in any of the view modes above or (b) a full sized image view in this mode, sometimes it's difficult to tell if you're deleting the out of focus image or the decent one.