Front of camera controls

On the front of the camera are three controls, first on the right side (from the back) of the lens is the depth of field preview button, pressing this button stops the lens down to the selected (or metered) aperture allowing the photographer to preview the depth of field of the final shot (obviously the viewfinder view becomes dimmer when the lens is stopped down).

Below this is the mirror-lockup lever which is useful for minimizing vibration for very long exposures (no metering can be carried out with the mirror locked up, must us manual exposure).

On the left side of the lens mount is the focus mode selector (modes defined below).

Focus modes


Continuous servo AF (release priority)

The camera adjusts focus continuously while the shutter release button is pressed halfway, automatically tracking moving subjects (focus tracking). The shutter can be released at any time, whether or not the camera is in focus (release priority). Focus is not locked when the in-focus indicator is displayed.

S Single servo AF (focus priority)

If the subject is stationary, the camera focuses when the shutter release button is pressed halfway. Focus remains locked while the shutter release button is held in this position (focus lock). The shutter can only be released when the in-focus indicator is displayed.

Manual Focus

Focusing is carried out using the focus ring on the lens, the focus indicator on the viewfinder status bar can be used to compare the chosen manual focus with that calculated by the cameras auto focus system. '>' - subject is further away than the current focus distance, 'o' - subject is in focus distance, '<' - subject is closer than current focus distance.

Rear of camera controls

Main Body Buttons


Auto Exposure and Auto Focus Lock

Pressing this button locks the current exposure and focus, they remain locked for as long as you hold the button even if you press or release the shutter release button.

AF-ON Auto Focus Start

An alternative to half-pressing the shutter release, starts auto focus. In combination with custom setting 4 (auto focus activation) this can be used for triggering auto focus independently of the shutter release button.
OK Monitor On / Confirm

Pressing the OK button immediately enables the main LCD monitor, displaying the last image taken (Kodak's equiv. of PLAY mode). The screen can remain on while the next shot is taken, it will be automatically displayed as soon as it's been processed. This button also doubles as confirmation in menus.
CANCEL Monitor Off / Cancel

With an image displayed pressing the CANCEL button powers the LCD off immediately. In menus CANCEL can either mean don't execute the current option or back up through the menu.
4-way controller

In shooting mode where AF point selection is enabled the 4-way controller is used to choose AF points. In playback mode (or after pressing the OK button) this control reverts to image navigation / menu movement. AF point selection can be locked by holding the L button and pressing any direction on this controller.
MENU Camera Menu

Enters or leaves the camera's menu system (described in more detail later). Oddly a single press with no display on the monitor enters menu mode, press again and the camera reverts to PLAY mode rather than simply powering the LCD monitor off again.
Tag (mark) current image / Record voice annotation

In PLAY mode (with an image displayed) this button marks / unmarks images, this can be used later to select images in Photo Desk. Hold this button for more than two seconds and a small microphone icon on the rear status LCD indicates the camera is recording a voice annotation (microphone is just to the left of the 4-way controller). This annotation is 'attached' to the last image taken or currently displayed image.

Function Buttons

Main command dial (rear)

Sub command dial (front)

Select sensitivity (ISO equiv.)

• 80
• 100
• 125
• 160
• 200
• 250
• 320
• 400

No action
Flash Sync mode

• Front-Curtain Sync (Normal)
• Slow Sync
• Rear-Curtain Sync
No action
BKT Enable / Disable bracketing mode

Rolling the main command dial while holding the BKT button enables or disables bracketing mode.
Select bracketing settings

• 2 frames: 0, +0.3 EV
• 2 frames: 0, -0.3 EV
• 2 frames: 0, +0.7 EV
• 2 frames: 0, -0.7 EV
• 2 frames: 0, +1.0 EV
• 2 frames: 0, -1.0 EV
• 3 frames: 0, -0.3, +0.3 EV
• 3 frames: 0, -0.7, +0.7 EV
• 3 frames: 0, -1.0, +1.0 EV
 L  Lock shutter speed

Rolling the main command dial while holding the L button locks the selected shutter speed in shutter priority or full manual mode.
Lock aperture

Rolling the main command dial while holding the L button locks the selected aperture in aperture priority or full manual mode.
CSM Select Custom Function Number

Selects the custom function to be changed.
Modify Custom Function Setting

Changes the value of the selected custom function.