Compared to D1x: Resolution chart

Shots here are of the PIMA/ISO 12233 standard resolution test chart (more of which are available in our comparison database). This resolution chart allows us to measure the actual performance of the lens and sensor system. It measures the ability of the camera to resolve lines at gradually higher resolutions and enables us to provide a definitive value for comparison purposes. Values on the chart are 1/100th lines per picture height. So a value of 8 equates to 800 lines per picture height.

We always like to shoot our resolution charts using in-camera JPEG, however as the DCS 760 doesn't yet have in-camera JPEG we will be comparing resolution charts shot as RAW (both DCS 760 and D1x) and re-saved as TIFF. Crops below are taken from the TIFF file, a JPEG version of the TIFF is available for download by clicking on the top thumbnail.

Kodak DCS 760
Nikon D1x
Crops @ 100%

The DCS 760's superior vertical resolution takes the award here, it's very clear looking at the second crop where we can see usable vertical resolution extending well into 1400 lines/picture height (the D1x loosing out at about 1150 lines/picture height). This can also be seen in slight angled horizontal lines (third crop) where the DCS 760 simply has more pixels to produce a smooth gradient, the D1x ends up with a stepped effect.

The second interesting thing was that the DCS 760 managed to clearly resolve just as much absolute horizontal resolution as the D1x. We call resolution quite conservatively before the point at which lines either start to merge or one line becomes 'thinner' (loses detail) compared to the rest. Obviously the D1x's ability to continue to resolve detail well past the DCS 760's extinction resolution is commendable, but it's clear that the DCS 760's sensor (without an anti-alias filter*) is a match for the D1x.

* This is important, remember than the D1x's anti-alias filter is attached directly to the sensor surface and will have a slight softening effect on image quality.

Camera Measurement Absolute Res. Extinction Res.
DCS 760
Horiz LPH 1500 1750
Vert LPH 1400 1750
5o Diagonal LPH 1000 n/a
Horiz LPH 1500 >2000
Vert LPH * 1150 1250
5o Diagonal LPH 900 n/a