Top of camera controls

Drive Mode: Top of the camera on the left we have the drive mode dial, hold down the unlock button and turn the dial to select one of five drive modes: S (Single), CL (Continuous Low-Speed; 2.0fps), CH (Continuous High-Speed; 3.5fps), CS (Continuous Silent-Low-Speed; 1.0fps) and Self-Timer.

Using custom settings CL and CH can also be set to 2.5fps and 3.0fps.

Metering Mode: On the right side of the viewfinder is the metering mode selection dial, holding the center unlock button down turn the dial to one of three settings: 3D Colour Matrix, Center-Weighted Average or Spot.
Shutter Release/Power: On the right side surrounding the shutter release button is the main power switch, again you must hold the unlock button before operating the switch, turning it one step beyond On triggers the LCD backlights (top and rear LCD) which will stay lit for approximately 6 seconds.
Focus / Exposure controls: Three buttons in a row below the shutter release control (in conjunction with the rear command wheel): [+] Single Area / Dynamic Area AF selection, MODE exposure mode: (P)rogrammed, (S)hutter Priority, (A)perture Priority, (M)anual. +/- Exposure compensation.

Rear of camera controls

At the top right are the main controls which fall under your thumb, left button locks Auto Exposure / Auto Focus, Right button triggers Auto Focus (same as half-pressing the shutter release). Next to this is the main command wheel which is used to select the main setting of the exposure mode selected or change settings in conjunction with a held button (described above).

On the main back of the body are the rest of the main camera controls along with control over the "digital side" of the camera.

The table below describes the operation of the remaining buttons on the rear of the camera, most buttons are dual-operation, that is they have one function just being pressed and extended (or main) function when held and used in conjunction with the 4-way jog dial (the round dial on the right) or the rear command wheel.

Control Button name Just pressed
Display LCD review on / off + 4-way: Select top-level menu
Selector In image review: Full size / histogram + 4-way: Navigate menu options, let go to select menu option
Record / Tag Tag (tick) current image Record audio annotation attached to current image
White balance   + 4-way: Select white balance mode: Auto, Manual preset, Fluorescent, Daylight, Incandescent, Flash
ISO   + rear wheel: Select ISO sensitivity: 400, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3200, 4000, 5000, 6400
Flash Display current flash setting + rear wheel: Select flash mode: Slow Sync / Rear Sync
Bracket Display current bracket setting

+ rear wheel: Bracket on/off

+ front wheel: Select bracket setting

Lock   + various commands to lock the setting for that command

+ rear wheel: Choose custom setting

+ front wheel: Change custom setting value

Front of camera controls

Right under your finger is the front command wheel, on the left side of the lens mount is the depth-of-field preview button, pressing it closes the aperture to the current reading / setting to give you an impression of the depth-of-field through the viewfinder.

Below this is the mirror lock-up lever (useful for those delicate / self-timer shots or for cleaning purposes).

On the other side of the lens mount is the focus mode lever using this you can switch between (C)ontinuous shooting priority AF, (S)ingle focus priority AF and (M)anual focus.