Battery Compartment

The battery compartment is located beside the PC Card slot on the left side of the camera behind a large door. The DCS620x only takes Kodak's own (huge) NiCD or NiMH battery packs. My review camera came with two of the newer NiMH battery packs which seem to last forever (longer than I ever need them to).

Battery Charger

The supplied battery charger can charge up to two battery packs at a time (here showing two of the NiMH packs).

A small button on either side of the center sets the charger to recondition that particular pack (less important for NiMH batteries but something that should be done to partially discharged NiCD packs).

PC Card Compartment

The dual PC Card slots are located next to the battery compartment, in this picture we have one (massive.. 520MB hard drive) Type III PC Card inserted which takes up both slots, other options would be one / two Type II cards, one / two 340MB IBM Microdrives (in PCMCIA adapters) or Type I cards.

The onboard software has functionality to switch between cards specifically.


On the right side of the camera hidden under a pair of rubber grommets is the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) connector and AC adapter power-in connection.

On the rear adjacent to these connections (and protected behind a screw-in cap) is the remote release connection.

The only other connection is the standard PC flash sync connector on the front of the camera.

Camera Base / Tripod Mount

On the base of the camera we find a solid rubber foot so no slipping on table tops or tripod mounts here. A top quality metal tripod mount which is exactly in line with the lens center and focal plane, perfect for panoramas.

If only consumer digicam manufacturers would pay attention to simple details.

Accessory Shoe

On top of the viewfinder you'll find the accessory shoe, a ISO-type hot shoe allows direct connection to flash and other accessory systems.

Kodak / Nikon recommend use of the SB-28D speedlight.

Supplied In the Box

Supplied in the Box

• Kodak DCS620x Professional Digital Camera Body
• AC Adapter
• Dual-slot battery charger & power supply
• Set of 5 international power cords
• IEEE 1394 Cable
• Hand strap
• Users Manual, Quick Start Guide, New Firmware features addendum
• CD-ROM: Users Manual & Quick Start Guide in various languages
• CD-ROM: TWAIN drivers, Acquire module, Host Software, Manuals
• Warranty card & Service information