Conclusion - Pros

  • Kodak do it again, the new Professional Digital Camera standard
  • Ultimate image quality, high resolution, colour and gray balance
  • Improved blue channel response
  • Very fast and responsive in use
  • Ergonimical design and controls layout
  • The flexibility, robustness and control the F5 brings
  • Advanced feature set
  • Custom white balance
  • Shooting modes: Program / Aperture priority / Shutter priority / Full manual / Bulb
  • 24Mb internal buffer
  • True SLR digital
  • 3.5fps Burst mode
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Ability to take 2 x Type I or II and 1 x Type III storage device
  • Complete professional photography solution...

Conclusion - Cons

  • Shame we lost the 520's thumbwheel
  • For anyone not used to it all the locks can be awkward
  • Could do with being about 0.5Kg lighter
  • Could do with being about 150mm shorter
  • Could do with being about $5,000 cheaper ;-)

The Final Word

Again, reviewing these top end cameras is always a treat, and the quality and robust feel the F5 brings to the new DCS 620 just takes you one step higher. The DCS620 is probably the most complete digital photography solution available, for anyone in the professional market it must be the camera at the top of their list.

Professional photographers already comfortable with Nikon (and/or the F5) will be right at home with this camera, if you're more comfortable with Canon then the DCS 520 is equally as good.

Kodak just did it again, outdoing themselves each time, the new defacto Professional camera.

Choose between the DCS 520 and DCS 620 and you
would not be disappointed, R