Image Quality

Ask me for a personal opinion and I'll say that this camera takes images of a quality difficult to distinguish from scanned 35mm slides (and in many cases much better).

Combining the defacto Nikon F5 with Kodak's obvious digital photography expertise and that wonderful 3:2 2 million pixel CCD (plus all the other clever features of this camera which we just don't get to see; or worry about) means that you'll be taking photographs with this camera way and above anything previously experienced.

Colour balance, resolution, "picture depth" (the HUGE dynamic range, it's ability to capture the brightest highlights and detail in the darkest shadows), neutrality of tones and image purity (lack of noise) are exceptional, truely a reference camera.

This camera also has the ability to cover the spectrum of "film speeds" from ISO 200 landscape, portrait and studio work up to ISO 800 fast action sports coverage.