LCD Menu System

(The onboard software on the 620 is similar to that on the 520 so some of the following is re-used from the 520 review)

The six "sections" of the onboard software are indicated by the six icons at the top of the LCD screen, switching between each section is achieved by holding the DISP/MODE button and moving the thumbwheel. Each section is shown and described below.

Image review mode

Displays the last image taken, hold down SELECT and move the thumbwheel to move from image to image, the "frame number" is displayed on the mini LCD screen below the main LCD.


The Histogram displays if you just press SELECT and let go, it displays the filename, date and time, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, mode and other information.

The histogram is an invaluable feature for checking good exposure and a good "workable" dynamic range. It allows the photographer to instantly re-asses the image and take again if necessary.

Four thumbnails

Four thumbnails are shown at once, holding SELECT and moving the thumbwheel will switch between each thumbnail, changing back to review mode displays the full image.

Nine thumbnails

Nine thumbnails are shown at once, holding SELECT and moving the thumbwheel will switch between each thumbnail, changing back to review mode displays the full image.

Contrast setting

This mode allows you to set the contrast of the LCD screen which is important for reviewing an accurate representation of the photograph taken under different lighting conditions. Use the gray scale on the right to be sure you can see all levels.

(I used this mostly when switching between a day and night shooting session)

Select Folder

Allows you to select the folder to use for subsequent images. A new folder is automatically created once photographs have been stored in the last empty folder.

Main Menu

The main menu is used to control the major functions of the onboard software including image deletion (although this can be achieved in review mode for single images by pressing DISP and SELECT together), display options, firmware updates and card formatting, from here you can also go to the properties menu (below).

Full description of main menu below.

Properties Menu

The properties menu is used to setup more advanced options of the camera including enabling and disabling the all important Game (oh yes, a camera with Pong), power saving and other options.

Full description of the properties menu below.

Main Menu options

Main Menu

Menu Options
Date / Time Set Date and Time
Delete Images No
Untagged in FOLDERXX
All On Card
Untagged On Card
Display Options

Highlight (On/Off)
Histogram / Info (On/Off)
(Highlight flashes overexposed areas of the image in review mode)

Firmware Version (review camera was version 1.8.1)
Update From Card
Save Event Log
Use Other Page
Update Boot Block
Format Card Yes / No
Imager Clean Used for cleaning the CCD, holds the mirror up so you can blast the CCD with air (not for the faint hearted)
Properties Enters properties menu (see below)
Puzzle Sliding squares puzzle
White Balance

Custom (allows you to program the white balance taken from the currently selected image - Kodak 18% gray card, white paper or white wall works very well)

Properties Menu options

Properties Menu

Menu options
(TEST SETTINGS) Because this was an early release camera it had many settings not worth publishing here
Total Actuations Displays total number of images taken
Use Empty Folder Use a new empty folder each time you switch on the camera or use the last folder selected (Yes / No)
Puzzle Enable Yes / No
Settings from now onwards on the properties menu are known as "custom settings".
1: Continuous Servo AF

Release-Priority / Focus-Priority

2: Single Servo AF Release-Priority / Focus-Priority
3: Bracketing order 0, -, + / -, 0, +
4: Autofocus activated when shutter release is lightly pressed Activated / Disabled
5: AE Lock Detected value / Controlled value
6: Direction of command dial rotation Clockwise is + / Anti-clockwise is +
7: AE Lock when shutter release button is lightly pressed Disabled / Activated
8: Reserved  
9: Drive rate in CH 3.5fps / 3.0fps
10: Drive reate in CL 2.0fps / 2.5fps
11: Alert LED in buLb exposure Does not blink / Blinks
12: Reserved  
13: Reserved  
14: Center-Weighted Metering 75% in center 12mm / 75% in center 8 ,12, 15 ,20 mm / Whole viewfinder.
15: Time delay for auto meter-switch-off Default 8s / 4, 8, 16, 32 seconds
16: Self-timer duration Default 10s / 2 to 60 seconds
17: Bracketing in Manual Exposure Default shift shutter speed / Shift shutter or aperture combination or flash output level
18: Focusing screen compensation 0 / -2.0 to +2.0 in 0.5EV steps
19: Prolonged shutter speed Disabled / Enabled (up to 30 minute exposure)
20: Flash sync speed Default: 1/120s / 1/300, 1/250, 1/200, 1/160, 1/125, 1/100, 1/80, 1/60s
21: AE-L/AF-L button Double lock / AE Lock, AF Lock, Double lock
22: Aperture setting using sub-command dial Enabled / Disabled
23: < and > focus indicators To stop the display of the < or > indicators in the viewfinder ( Displayed / Not displayed )
24: Auto exposure / flash exposure bracketing Auto exposure, flash exposure bracketing, Auto exposure/flash bracketing